A Passion For The World💙🌎

Gracie, who blogs over at Gracie Chick’s Blog has started a blogging project called A Passion For The World. This project was created for us bloggers to share our passions and how we can use them to bring a positive change in the world. How amazing is that??? I hope so many of us get involved with this. She will be posting the entries on her blog.

She wants you to choose 5 other bloggers to help you on your mission and let them know about the project. The lovely Maggie chose me as one of her 5 🙂 Thank you so much!

If I chose you and you have already been chosen by someone else, or you have already participated please just accept this as an award for your hard work and you inspiring blogs. I would choose almost every blog I follow if I could so don’t think that if you aren’t listed that means I don’t find your blog inspiring. I do!✨

5 Bloggers I Chose:






You do not have to make your own post about this. I’m doing so because I think the idea is amazing, and I wanted to let the 5 bloggers know I’ve chosen them at once.
To view more about this project and how to submit your answers, visit this link A passion for the world. 💙


11 thoughts on “A Passion For The World💙🌎

  1. Thank you for nominating me, Lee. It is always heartening to find your name pop up somewhere and a big yay for you too. Gracie had asked me to have a look at this and I promised I would. I shall definitely take part in this one 🙂 x

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