Today’s To Do✨

It’s 5 PM here and I’m almost finished with my list for the day. I feel really good about that! I decided to use one of my notebooks for a temporary planer until I can get one or until I make my bullet journal.

I made my temporary planner last night, doing only the first 2 pages (blog planning for this week) but so far it has helped so much so I’ll continue it. Maybe I’ll show pictures when I have more pages filled? You can check out previews on my Instagram. Nothing fancy, but still cute. I also decided that I would be doing To Do lists only Mon-Friday. Sometimes I may skip a day if I don’t have much tasks but that’s when you can expect to see them. Anyway let’s get to the list…

Today’s To Do:

✔️Feed/clean after pets

✔️Work on awards/tasks *still a couple left to do*

✔️Post to Instagram 

✔️Words of the week

✔️RCR (Read/Comment/Respond) *almost finished for the day*

✔️Plan & brainstorm (use notebook planner)


✔️Light workout (push-ups, wall sits, stretching, meditation etc)

✔️Work on About Me section

✔️Work on Typewriter Project task #3 (write down ideas)

✔️Video editing

✔️Watch sunset

And that’s all folks☺️

I’m about to eat a quick snack before dinner and then finish the last of my tasks. What have you accomplished today? 

15 thoughts on “Today’s To Do✨

      1. I am yet in the process of still selecting furniture, Lee. I am obsessing about getting the distressed farmhouse look but boy it is not gonna be easy in terms of shelling out the moolah. I did find your words later 🙂 It is a great idea because it also jogs my memory about words that have gone into the recesses somewhere.

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      2. I’m actually still looking for furniture too. A new bed, couch, coffee table, tv stand etc lol moolah is making it a bit hard on this end too

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      1. I’m just jealous you can eat anything and look like that!! I was thinking, I hate the expression “hit the gym”. I imagine someone going there with a baseball bat and start smashing windows.

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      2. HAHAHA. I can imagine you even giving into that non-violent sentiment. I shall send warning bells to the gyms nearby you. I just workout, Cheila. Once a friend’s boyfriend said something about me – I was slightly chubby when I was in my early 20s – and I overheard his comment. It crushed me. What I did was use his negative words to turn them into a positive in my life. Later I remember his jaws dropping when we met a year or so later (my friend thankfully did not marry him) and that was my ‘Yes’ moment. It was sweet. Never mind the fact that he was a pig who used to devour all the food in our fridge every day.


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