Today’s To Do: Hello June!🌻

Hey everyone! 

Can you believe it’s June already?? That means we’re already halfway through 2017, wow!

As you know, I mentioned I would be changing my To Do List featured image, you’ve seen it now so what do you think?? 

Do you like the change? I love it. I also made this one:

I like it but felt maybe it was a little too busy. Still cute. I may use this type of edit for something else.

I’ll also be editing some more images for the month of June so you’ll start to see those changes within the next week or two.

Today’s To Do:

✔️Feed/clean pets

✔️Record/Edit/Upload YT video

✔️Post to Instagram & Twitter

✔️Watch The Real


✔️Clean bedroom

✔️Continue working on Fun Friday and Short Story Saturday *10:15 PM, Story Time for Saturday: Story of my first love/heartbreak. I know what I’m doing for Fun Friday, I just haven’t drafted it. Will do it tomorrow like usual. 

✔️Read a few chapters


✔️Planning for June

✔️Watch the sunset;9PM tonight (I will be doing what I call “Sunset Series” on my Instagram. Maybe I’ll do a sunrise series one day, if I want to get up that early lol

The below portion is something I’ll be doing every 1st of the month from now on.

This Month I NEED To:

🌻Pay bills

🌻Work on improving ways to Earn/Manage/Save money- I’ll call this mission EMS. Like “M’s” lol

🌻Get organized in general 

🌻Continue consistent writing and posting

🌻Read more

🌻Go out more

🌻Eat/Exercise better

🌻Stay positive 

This Month I WANT To:

✔️Change To Do List

🌻Change a few other things on my blog

🌻Work on EMS 

🌻Reach 500 WP followers

🌻Reach 250 IG followers

🌻Reach 6,000 Twitter followers

🌻150 WP posts

🌻Improve filming skills

🌻Go out more

🌻Go swimming

🌻More DIY projects

🌻Cook/Eat healthier

🌻Get a planner/Start a bullet journal

🌻Stationary haul

🌻Summer clothing haul 

🌻Finish reading Ruined

🌻Go to Barnes & Noble and Books A Million

🌻Cool exciting summer posts June-July 

🌻Go to the dentist

🌻Hair journey post (towards the end of June or beginning of July)

🌻Start a dream journal and be consistent 

🌻Find new bloggers, and new music!

🌻Write more/write my own summer jam😮

🌻Stay positive 

As always, if I need to add anything I’ll come back and do so. Please let me know your plans for June, let me know if you like my new To Do List idea. Let me know anything you want in the comments!💛

16 thoughts on “Today’s To Do: Hello June!🌻

  1. Ahh the new to-do pic is SO cute!! I love it 😍💕✨ Congrats on getting all that stuff done! Woot woot! That sunset series sounds amazing! Too bad I’m not on Instagram 😔 maybe you could share some of those pics on your blog, too? 😛 hehe

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m glad you like it😀 I’ll share them on my blog too! I was actually thinking about it already but you just helped with that decision☺️


  2. Also, I wanted to let you know that Gracie, a blogger that I recently met, has started a project called A Passion for My World! It’s about bloggers’ passions and how we can use those to do our part in changing the world. I’m telling you this because I chose you as one of the most inspirational bloggers that I know! 💕 If you’d like to check out this project for yourself, you can visit this post: 😊❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you sooo much Maggie! That means a bunch to me💗💗 you’re so inspiring too!✨
      I’m definitely gonna check it out first thing in the morning. It sounds amazing🌻💛


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