How To Accessorize Natural Hair💛🌸

Happy Fun Friday lovelies! This whole week has been fun doing this Natural Hair series, tomorrow is the last day of the series and I will be sharing the story of my own natural hair journey. I’m excited and I can’t wait.
As you know I’ve been on my journey for a year now, yesterday was the exact day.
So far I’m loving every moment, sure there are ups and downs but I have no regrets!

Today I’m going to be show you some cute ways you can accessorize your hair, and ways to rock your short TWA (teeny weeny afro)

Accessories are the key to rocking short hair, especially earrings since you’ll definitely be able to see them. You can try rocking bigger, bolder earrings or cute studs. Either way will make a nice difference in dressing up your twa or short hair. Dressing up the neck is also a good tip. Here are some of my favorite earrings, necklaces, and chokers:

img_7347I usually go for gold and silver because I can pair them with anything. I do plan to go for more color this summer.

Another thing (if you’re into it or interested) is makeup. Shorter hair brings out your lovely facial features, you can play around with different looks to enhance your natural beauty. I’m not really into makeup so I never learned how to apply it either lol, still not interested in learning. I just wear lipstick and clean up my eyebrows when I want to dress up a little more so that’s another option if you’re like me.

You can also accessorize your hair with headbands and hair pins. Below are some of my favorite headbands and hair pins. The flower headband was actually a DIY I did probably about 6 months ago honestly. The flowers were white at the time lol now they have some purple tint. I have no clue where it came from, when I unpacked after moving to the new apartment that’s what I saw. I’m definitly going to make more soon using flowers that look a little more realistic. These are so cute for spring and summer! I got them all from Hobby Lobby.

Glasses are also a great accessory! 🙂 That’s perfect if you already wear prescription glasses.

Flowers and flower headbands are my favorite ways to accessorize hair, it always looks so cute! I can’t wait to rock the style more this summer🌸

Is this sunset inspired?!

How cute?!?!? And look at those pick earrings! (

Zoella; above image

How cute are the starfish hair pins?!

The last thing you need to accessorize any style is- C O N F I D E N C E ! 💛

What’s your favorite ways to accessorize your hair? Which of these are your favorite?Will you be trying any? Comment belowimg_5723-3All of the images of these beautiful women were found on Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Google search.


Hair Porosity???🤔

Hair porosity is how well your hair absorbs and retains moisture. Knowing your hair porosity can be very important especially for natural hair to know how you can properly keep your hair moisturized, and know what methods and products to use.

Knowing your hair porosity will allow you to maximize the benefits from your conditioning products. There is low, normal, and high porosity. 

Here are a few ways you can test what your hair porosity is:

(Please note that the hair should be freshly cleansed, no product on the strands for accurate results)

The Float Test

  • Fill a glass of with room temperature water
  • Take a couple of strands from your clean hair and put them in the water (do not push down)
  • Watch and wait for a few minutes 
  • After 4-5 minutes of your hair is still floating on the top of the water, you have low porosity. Low porosity means it’s a bit harder for your hair to absorb moisture. The cuticles are closed so moisture does not enter easily.
  • If your hair slowly sinks/stays in the middle you have normal porosity. Normal porosity is usually ideal because it absorbs and holds moisture well
  • If your hair sinks immediately you have high porosity hair. High porosity means that your hair absorbs moisture quickly, but can also lose it quickly

The Slide Test

  • Using a strand of your hair, starting from the end, slide your fingers up the hair shaft
  • If it feels bumpy you have high porosity 
  • If it feels smooth you have medium-low porosity 

The Spray Test

  • Section your hair and spray a section with water (you don’t have to drench it)
  • If the water sits on the hair or beads up you have low porosity 
  • If your hair absorbs the water quickly you have high porosity 
  • If the water sits for several minutes then absorbs you have normal porosity 

Care For  Low & High Porosity:

Please know that I am no expert but I’ve done a lot of research and trial with my own hair. Also, everyone’s hair is different so some things might work for ones low porosity hair that usually doesn’t for most, the same with high porosity. The tips below are general tips for each type.

Low Porosity:

  • Use low heat to open cuticles for moisture to be let in. You can begin washing your hair in warm water, or deep condition under a hair dryer (with plastic cap) heavier products just sit and weigh the hair down
  • Use lighter products and oils like Argan, and grape seed oil
  • Make sure you keep the hair free of a lot of build up which can also block moisture

High Porosity:

  • Heavy products like creams and hair butters are great for high porosity 
  • Heavy oils like castor oil, jojoba, coconut
  • Protein is good for the hair but not too much! Start out trying protein treatments/masks or products with protein once a month. I think that more than twice a month is too much.
  • Deep conditioning is good for all hair

If you have normal porosity, keep doing what you’re doing. Deep conditioning when needed, regularly.


Low Porosity

High Porosity 


Natural Hairstyles + Things You Should/Shouldn’t Do✨

Hey everyone!

For part 4 of my natural hair series leading up to my 1 year natural anniversary (which is actually today, story will be on Saturday) I’m going to be sharing some popular hairstyles I love that define your curls, and also things you should/shouldn’t do with your natural hair. None of these pictures are my own, some are YouTubers I follow and the others I found through google on Pinterest.

I hope you all have been learning and enjoying this series so far💛

(all style results will vary on each head, results will depend on length, size of section you use, products, time left in, and texture.)

Let’s get started:

Bantu knot out: A Bantu knot out is when you take down your Bantu knots (you learned about this in part1)


Finger Coils: Finger coils are basically when you coil the hair with your finger, twirling the hair around; gently of course to create a coil/spiral curl



Braid-Out: The style created after taking out braids that have dried first



Flat Twists/Twist out: (these are all flat, but you can do regular twists also)

Frohawk/mohawk: So many ways to  style!

Afro: An afro is basically the natural hair undefined, either picked out with a pick or with blow dryer (blow out)

Erykah Badu (left) & Solange (Right) above image

Protective Styles: (box braids, Senegalese twists or other twists, weaves, wigs, braided hair etc) and locs. Any style that protects the hair, especially the ends.

Natural hair extensions/wigs can look similar to above image.

Other cute hairstyles: (all natural hair types)

Things You Should/Shouldn’t Do To Your Natural Hair 

  • You should condition/deep condition at least once a week
  • You should avoid shampoo and other products with harsh ingredients such as alcohol, sulfates, and parabens.
  • You should make sure to keep hair moisturized
  • You should trim when necessary. You don’t have to trim on a schedule, in fact I would avoid that. Just do it when you really need to.
  • You should use natural products and essential oils. Oils such as JBCO, coconut oil, argan oil, olive oil, tea tree, and peppermint.
  • You should use protective styles. Protective styles are not limited to weaves and wigs. You can put your hair in twists or braids and keep them in for a week and that would still be considered protecting. Less manipulation is key, protective styles do not make your hair grow, they help retain length because you aren’t manipulating the hair which can cause breaking. You still need to moisturize and oil your scalp.
  • You should stay away from using heat on the hair. That means flat ironing, curling irons, and blow dryers also.
  • You should dry your hair with a t-shirt or microfiber towel. Not a regular towel you use to dry off, those can cause frizz and even break some hair off.
  • You should know that natural hair is trial and error and can be time consuming especially on wash days, and detangling. Take your time because rushing will definitely cause some unnecessary breakage.
  • You should know that your hair won’t always be the same or turn out the same so don’t get frustrated. Even the weather can change how your hair is going to react.
  • You should take pictures often if you want to document your journey and see the growth and health. It will be hard to notice otherwise because of shrinkage.
  • You should read ingredients on products you buy. Usually and especially for moisturizers the first ingredient should be water 
  • You shouldn’t wash hair so much, this can be very stripping of natural oils. I wash mine once a week, and some weeks I only co-wash (wash with conditioner only)
  • You shouldn’t detangle or style dry hair.
  • You shouldn’t hold onto damaged ends just for length. Clip them off! Holding on will only make split ends continue to split up the hair shaft and break.
  • You shouldn’t use protective styling only as a way to hide your hair. If you always cover it how will you learn to love and care for it?
  • You shouldn’t compare yourself and your hair to others. We are all unique and beautiful. If you was meant to look almost exactly like someone else it’s highly possible you’d be a twin.
  • You shouldn’t sleep without protecting the hair with a bonnet or silk/satin scarf. Cotton can be very drying and cause breakage.
  • You shouldn’t braid or style too tight, especially pony tails/high puffs. This will also cause breakage and losing your edges!
  • You shouldn’t bleach your hair. There are other ways to color your hair without bleaching
  • You definitely shouldn’t relax/perm your hair or use a texturizer. Avoid chemicals! Avoid trying to have looser curls if that’s not what your natural texture already is.
  • You shouldn’t be so focused on length. Health first and always!
  • You shouldn’t get discouraged, or be impatient. It takes proper care, time, and patience for things to grow.
  • You shouldn’t feel like your hair is ugly, or not good enough. It is beautiful and so are you!

That’s all for part 4; I’ll be back tomorrow for Fun Friday with #5 🙂
What was your favorite hairstyle? Have you tried any of the hairstyles already? Can you add anything to the list? Comment below.💛


Natural Hair Series #3: YouTube & Instagram💜

Here we are at part 3 of my natural hair series! Before we begin, I mentioned that it would end on Friday but I am extending it until Saturday. SSS will be my 1 year anniversary story. Tomorrow I will be sharing different natural hairstyles, Fun Friday will be my favorite hair accessories/tools and hair porosity test.

I haven’t received any emails about collaborating but I’ll mention it again. I’d like any of my followers, or any blogger reading to collaborate but you don’t even have to email me. You can just make your own post talking about your straight, wavy, curly, or curly kinky hair; any struggles you might have, how you care for it, products you use, mentioning that all hair types are beautiful and maybe share a few others? If anyone wants to email to do it together I would like to have 1 straight hair gal, 1 wavy hair gal, and 1 curly gal (loose) to partner up with. I have the tighter curls and kinks. We would each share in a similar post what I mentioned above and then tag the others posts as well. Easy enough right? I know that it’s kind of short notice and everyone is busy so that idea probably won’t happen but doesn’t hurt to try anyway. I know this series will still help someone regardless.

I think it would be a good idea and another step towards unity. Women need to stop tearing each other down and stick together, lift each other up! It doesn’t help when men go along with it or even start it, but really it starts with ourselves. How we react, what we believe, what we add to the problem or take away from it. Maybe it doesn’t happen much where you are but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, and this is only about hair discrimination.
There’s enough beauty in the world for everyone but it’s ugly that so many of us have to learn how to be confident and love our own hair. HAIR!

Sure some hair may look different, but no ones hair is exactly the same. And though no ones hair is exactly the same, we can still use similar products, and achieve similar styles.

Today I am going to be sharing a list of some Natural Hair YouTube channels I watch and also some Natural Hair Instagram accounts I really like and think you all should check out for more hair care and beauty:)

Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

  • IAMTRAEH – Traeh (Heart backwards) is one of my favorite natural hair youtubers! LOOOVE love her and her channel. Her and her husband often go life and I got to chat with them a couple of times:) I find that my hair is most similar to hers than a lot of the other channels I watch and she’s just so laid back and entertaining. She has a “Natural Hair Horror Story” series that is so crazy and interesting, but these things really happen! She also has a ton of information and hairstyles on her channel so she’s definitely one of the first I would recommend checking out especially if you’re newly natural or plan to transition.


  • PrettyLittleFro – Another favorite channel of mine (okay i’ll just say these first 4 are my favorites, mainly because their hair is similar to my own) She also has a lot of information and styles you’ll love! I always feel good watching her videos, she gives off good vibes, always smiling. So bright!
  • Hannah Mussette – This young model is only about 8 months into her journey but her hair has grown so much and I just think she is gorgeous! She’s still learning how to do wigs but If you’ve recently big chopped this could be a channel for you. She has a mixture of type 3 and type 4 hair.


  • Hazel Goddess – Another great channel for type 3 and type 4 hair! She’s basically a product junkie, so she does a lot of reviews on natural hair products, hairstyles and tips. I would definitely recommend her channel!



  • My Natural Sistas – Another channel with some of the cutest hairstyles, don’t miss out check it out!!!
  • NaturalMe4C – GREAT for 4c gals who have big chopped! I always feel so relaxed watching her channel, and people in the comments always say she kind of sounds like Beyonce when speaking lol. I have to agree.


  • Bria Larine – She’s soo gorgeous and so is her hair! This picture does no justice but I just liked the quote on the top 🙂 “my confidence is designer”img_6823
  • Chazzzisawesome – This might be another favorite! I don’t know why I didn’t take a screenshot and add to the top few but, check her out anyways! her editing is so cute and so is her hair accessories, a lot of hairstyles with floral accessories perfect for spring and summer 🙂
  • Luhhsetty – Great channel for looser curl patterns! Don’t miss out!


HarmoniCurls – Also a great channel for looser curl patterns, actually these next few are!


  • From Hats To Heels – Long curly hair and great fashion!! Don’t miss out on her channel! (I didn’t realize I cropped her IG name out but it is larissabruin.)


  • Chandler Knows Best – She hasn’t been uploading too recently on YouTube but still has some nice videos to check out, but she has been on Instagram!


  • IndiaBatson – A great channel to check out for wavy/curly hair! You should definitely check out her Instagram also!


Some curly Instagram pages to check out and follow:

More looser curls:

My favorite Instagram account for hair cut styles (relaxed or natural)

That’s all for this part of my natural hair series. Did you find any accounts you want to check out? Do you already follow or know some of the accounts? What are some of your favorite hair channels and accounts? Let me know in the comments!✨



500 Follower Q&A Game Winners!💖

Congratulations to my 5 lucky 500 follower Q&A game winners! Thank you all so much for playing, and thank you all so much for your questions. I really appreciate it and the constant support💖
Each of the winners will be featured on my blog for 5 DAYS for the next 5 weeks! Here are the winners and order they will be featured (starting next week 7/3) they will be featured any 5 days Monday-Saturday. Please go over and visit their blogs if you have not already, though I’m sure most of you have:)

1st: Maggie 7/3-7/8

2nd: Pamela 7/10-7/15

3rd: Cherylene 7/17-7/22

4th: Dakota 7/24-7/29

5th: Laura 7/31-8/5

To all winners: Please email if you would like one of the days to be a guest post. Also let me know if you do not mind me using any of your pictures from here or social media for the posts.
I’m looking forward to hearing from you and featuring you all on my blog during this next month!💛


Today’s To Do🌻 Another Quick List

Lately my To Do lists have been quick and to the point because I’m so busy trying to post, catch up on blogs, YouTube, and everything else. But our lists go on! Life doesn’t slow down because we have.

Here is today’s list:

✔️Feed/clean after pets

✔️Post my weekend pickups 

✔️Post hair products I use

✔️Post to social media

🌻View another Summer Party Playlist entry

✔️R/C/R (doing a few a day until I’m caught up enough)

🌻Edit/Upload video to pets channel

✔️Work on the rest of my Natural Hair Series

✔️Plan posts for my Q&A game winners (If you are one of the winners, email me if you’d like one of your 5 days to be a guest post)

🌻Work on my summer hit lyrics

✔️Delete some pictures

✔️Watch Pretty Little Liars final episode😩

✔️Watch the sunset

What’s on your list for the day? Have you already completed all your tasks?

Natural Hair Series: Products I Use✨

For part 2 of my Natural Hair Series I’m going to be sharing all of the products I’ve used so far. I’m sharing the ones I love and the ones I will not be purchasing again. Hair care products are trial and error. It’s easy to become a product junkie but I think for the first year I’ve done pretty well not purchasing too much. What works for my hair may not work for yours, just as what works for yours may not work for mine. Everyone’s hair is different and takes to products differently. Again, it has to do with your hair porosity, texture, thickness etc. Later on in the week I’ll show you ways you can test your hair porosity.

The first 3 products are from the Cantu natural hair line. It’s the Hydrating Cream Conditioner, Complete Conditioning Co-wash, and the Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream. All have a light tropical scent! This was the first line I tried when I big chopped and I would recommended them to anyone just starting out who might be clueless on what products to use. This may not be the absolute BEST line but it works just as well as some of the most popular/expensive brands in my opinion. I have nothing negative to say. Cheap and works well? That’s all you need! This is also the only line I’ve used at least 3 of their products. Like most natural hair products, the line uses no sulfates, silicones, or parabens.

The next products are Shea Moisture’s JBCO Strengthen, Grow, & Restore Treatement Masque, and their Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo.  I love the masque and would definitely buy it again, it leaves my hair super soft and curls poppin’! I use a masque about twice a month. I do want to try their manuka honey masque though. I think it will be just as great if not better. The shampoo however is not a favorite. I feel that it does a good job getting my hair clean but even while using it my hair feels dry and I also end up having to use so much to get a good lather. I’ll finish this bottle but I probably won’t purchase it again. Shea Moisture is one of those popular/more expensive brands I mentioned. A lot of curly gals swear by SM! And I agree some of their products are pretty good but nope, this shampoo is a no for me.

The 3rd bottle in the picture is True by Made Beautiful’s Nourishing Leave-In Conditioner for all hair types. At first I wasn’t so sure about this product because it’s not really thick and I find that my hair loves thicker consistency in products. The bottle sold me though, and because it smells amazing! It also has a tropical scent, a bit stronger than Cantu. I went to a birthday party after using this product along with Cantu’s Curl Activator Cream and hugged my cousin…The first thing she said was “Mmm! Girl your hair smells good!” Lol.

The 4th bottle is so far my favorite conditioner! Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle, this stuff is really the truth! And again, many curly gals, even women with straight/wavy hair I’ve seen swear by this product so I highly recommend it. I usually detangle my hair while using Aussie Moist on wash days. It’s not a leave-in so I do go in with a leave in afterwards but if you want a good detangler, or a good deep conditioner that you only have to use for 3 minutes definitely give it a try. I’ve used it for 3 minutes and it does work, but I usually leave it in for 6-10 minutes and it works even better my opinion.

The Creme Of Nature Perfect Edges edge control should actually be in my list of products I won’t be purchasing again, I put it in this shot because it looks nice with the treatment masque. In the beginning I felt it was necessary to have slicked edges, or my “edges on fleek” well, I’d rather have my edges grow and not break off. It’s okay to do them occasionally with certain styles, but you don’t need to for every single style. I won’t be purchasing it again because it doesn’t even work for my hair. Maybe for an hour (if that) and then those edges curl right back up so what’s the point? Many type 4 naturals have this issue, and some use gorilla snot gel which I haven’t tried yet. The name is kind of off putting lol but supposedly it has a super strong hold.

I’ll definitely be trying more of the True line. Izabelle just walking by, she stays by mama lol.

The next 3 products are the oils I use and gel. Jamaican Black Castor Oil helps strengthen hair, nourishes, seals in moisture, and helps promote hair growth. This is something I will probably always use. A holy grail for sure! My hair always feels soft and moisturized for days after using. They have different kinds and I may try them all but so far I’ve only tried coconut. I recently purchased the original and will be trying it sometime this week.
I use the olive oil Eco Styler Gel, but they also have others like their new Black Castor Flaxseed Oil gel that I definitely will be trying. I’ve literally had this for a year! It lasts so long and a little goes a long way. I only use it for my twists and when I start to do braid-outs.

This last shot is of the products I will not be purchasing again.

I actually didn’t purchase the Garnier Fructis products, my friend who actually has straight hair gave them to me because she didn’t like them for her own hair. Her hair was dry and damaged due to coloring so she was looking for something to help reduce frizz and rough ends. If you have heat or color damage the only thing you can do unfortunately is to cut it off. No product is going to bring it back to life. I’ve used Garnier Fructis products when I had relaxed hair and it worked well but i’m not quite sure I want to try it on my natural hair. If a product has any kind of alcohol in the first few ingredients, I usually won’t try it (besides Aussie Moist; since i’m not leaving that in) I took it because I do kind of want to test it out but ehhh..??? IDK.

AU Natural by Dark and Lovely (made with mango oil and bamboo milk) just didn’t impress me at all. I got this in the beginning of my journey to try to reduce some shrinkage. I later realized that those products that claim to be “Anti-Shrinkage” are a waste. Do not go for those products. Most likely you will be disappointed, it may help reduce a little shrinkage but then you wonder how? Dark and Lovely is also a popular relaxer/perming brand. No product will be anti-shrinkage, you’re still going to experience it unless your hair is completely damaged or relaxed. Shrinkage shows that your curly/kinky hair is healthy! I had to use so much of the shampoo, and I don’t even remember how the leave-in conditioner was. The only good thing I have to say about this product is that it smells nice…

Lastly, Wild Growth Hair Oil. So many people swear by this product, men and women. But the scent isn’t pleasant and I just can’t believe that a product made specifically for growth really works unless you really test it out. I don’t mean try it out for a month and see if your hair has grown… How do you know that it was the product and not just regular hair growth? How do you know it’s not other products or what you’re doing, or putting into your body? I feel like the only way you can get somewhat of an accurate result is to not use any growth products for a period of time and measure the growth, and then use the product for the same period of time and measure if it’s grown more or less. Or maybe cut/shave some of your hair on each side, on one side use the product consistently, and on the other side not at all. Something I don’t want to spend time doing. Many people don’t do this when they give their reviews. I purchased this product when I first big chopped because I was obviously wanting length at the time. Cutting my hair off I was nearly bald! I wasn’t comfortable with my hair that short because short hair is not usually seen as the most attractive for girls, I was even made fun of and had disapproval by family members. Still to this day actually and it’s been a year. But now I don’t care so much about length or others opinions. My hair is beautiful, healthy, growing, and is no longer chemically treated to be in a way that it wasn’t meant to be. That’s all that matters.


I forgot to add Eden Body Works Coconut Shea Leave In Conditioner and Johoba Monoi Moisturizing Shampoo. I picked these up from the dollar store, I haven’t tried them yet so I can’t give any type of review besides that they both smell really good, I’m trying the shampoo because it claims to be moisturizing. They didn’t have the complete line to either which is why I got 2 different. I went to YouTube for reviews and so far the best reviews are for the leave in conditioner. I’ve seen mainly negative reviews for the shampoo, hopefully this is different for me. I’ll be trying them out sometime this week.

What products do you use for your hair? Have you used any of the products I mentioned? Are there any products you would recommend trying? Let me know in the comments.💛