Today’s To Do✨

Today’s list will be complete shortly and it feels good☺️ but then again I didn’t have too much to do lol. 

✔️Feed/Clean after pets

✔️Wash dishes *Probably won’t have to do any tomorrow:)

✔️Read/Comment/Respond *Did a lot today, still doing more in a few.

✔️Post new diary entry

✔️Post to Instagram 

✔️Plan Fun Friday & Short Story Saturday *Wrote a few ideas down. Will decide tomorrow 

✔️Work on task #2 for the typewriter project- due tomorrow! 

✔️Read a few chapters

✔️Clean bathroom (not full clean so it shouldn’t take too long)

✔️I’m gonna have this space ready because I feel like I’m forgetting something lol.???? I’ll be back for this. Okay I remember what was supposed to go here. I was supposed to film some videos but decided earlier that I would hold off on that to complete everything else. I decided to put this on the list for tomorrow. *Updating at 11:45 PM why am I still awake?? Anyway, I actually went ahead and recorded today so never mind tomorrow. Yay! Goodnight.

🌸7:45 PM current time: Actually I was wrong, I did have something else to post. Something very quick…BRB

I did a few extra things today, including What’s Up Wednesday. I think there’s another unexpected post I need to do? If I post again you’ll know. I have a few awards/tags to work on but I won’t start on those until next week. I may ask for a reminder honestly, if you know you’ve tagged me for something please feel free to mention it in the comments. I usually write them down or screenshot but everything is so unorganized right now. And by next week- I guess I’m just trying to say there’s a chance I might have missed some.

One last thing:

Tomorrow I will have a new featured image for Today’s To Do. Nothing special and not super exciting I know, but I’m glad for something fresh. I was getting tired of this one lol. Well that’s all, let me know what you’ve been up to this week. Do you like changing up your featured images or do you prefer keeping it one theme? I’m thinking about keeping all of the colors matching.

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