Today’s To Do: I WILL Complete!✨

✔️Feed/Clean after pets

✔️Watch The Real

✔️Post to Instagram

✔️Light exercise (push-ups, stretching, etc)

🌸Read/Comment/Respond (Doing some now and some tonight)

✔️Record for pets YouTube channel *recorded and uploaded

✔️Post Fun Friday

✔️See about working out car issues *Gonna be without for a while. It’s always something. Blah.*

✔️Read a few chapters

✔️Check my Email

✔️Delete more pictures from phone

✔️A sleep related post (later tonight)

✔️Plan Short Story Saturday

✔️Work on some new images (will do new image for my to do list, and maybe my Fun Friday header image also) *Will start using them during June*

That’s all for now. I’ve been a lot more productive today than the rest of the week so that’s good. I was going to add laundry to the list but decided to hold that for tomorrow. Today has already been full of tasks and stress. I’m about to go eat a little lunch before coming back to read a few blogs, I waited too long to eat a 2nd meal and now I’m feeling weak.


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