Fun Friday #9☺️ Edit With Me

A lot of images included. I wouldn’t recommend viewing on mobile app.

Edit With Me: Video Edition 

Happy Friday everyone! If you read yesterday’s To Do list you know that I didn’t plan today’s post at all. I listed a few ideas in my notebook and that was it, i’m not even going with any of the options I listed. Today’s Fun Friday post I will be showing you all how I edit my YouTube videos for my pets channel, but this can be used for any type of videos.
Let’s jump right into it!

I use an app called PocketVideo, it is on Apple and Android devices.

This is what it looks like when you first open the app.

Obviously i’m going to be using YouTube Vlog, later i’ll be using the Instagram option. This is what it looks like, you can add a title image, an image from your camera roll, or just start by uploading your video. I’m going to add my own Title image that I created with another app. If you’d like to know more about that app let me know in the comments.

I’ve also added the video i’ll be using.

Next i’m going to go in and add some text to my title image, I want it to say what this video will be about. There are so many text options to choose from but I’ll go in the Dynamic section.

Now i’m going to change the font and color

The “cue” option is very useful. I don’t like having the text show throughout the whole video, so with this option I can set when I want it to pop up and when I want it to fade.
The only big problem I have with this app is it only allows 10 minutes of recording, that’s usually enough time for my videos but today I needed a bit more space so I had to make 2 separate videos, so that’s something to keep in mind. Here i’ll just save this video so I can upload it and start the 2nd part.

It will ask if you want to add music. For this particular video I didn’t but if you want to just hit yes and you’ll get this screen:

Add your music if you want, keeping copyright in mind of course, and hit finish. Let it render and compose.

My 10 minute video took about 7-8 minutes to upload.
I uploaded the first video, deleted it from my phone to clear storage and went on to make the 2nd video. I won’t repeat the first steps again, but here i’ll show you that you can also add GIFs and stickers to your video. I’m going to be adding some hearts so that’s what I searched.

I also added a speech bubble towards the end and a transition pushing out. In PocketVideo you can also split/trim your videos, resize, draw a sketch, add filters, and do voice overs. Save to your camera roll when finished or add directly to YouTube. This one was a lot quicker to upload since it was only about 2 minutes long.

I mentioned that I would show the Instagram feature later, it is now later lol:

I chose square. It’s very similar to using the YouTube Vlog feature, but this time i’m going to be using a template, I chose something simple:

I then changed the text to what I wanted, changed the color, and resized.

Save it just the same as earlier, and upload to your account:)

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Fun Friday post. If you want to watch the videos I uploaded, visit our channel here:) & the Instagram page here.💕

Do you have a YouTube channel?  What apps or programs do you edit videos with? Leave a link to your channel and a little about what type of videos you post in the comment section✨



8 thoughts on “Fun Friday #9☺️ Edit With Me

  1. What a cool app, Lee!! I especially like the sticker feature 🙂 when I was watching your video last night (before reading this post), I was wondering how you’d added all those stickers haha! It’s really cool!

    Liked by 1 person

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