This first post I’ll be posting today is a little on the sad side. I wanted to speak a little on the tragic Manchester event that happened this past Monday. I had a constant battle with myself this morning whether I was going to speak on a certain point in this event or even speak out about it at all. I decided it was too hard to go unnoticed. 

Anong the 22 victims that were killed there were 2 that really stood out to me for specific reasons. One being the 8 year old little girl… That’s right 8 years old!!!! The other being the first victim identified: Georgina Callander, 18.

Georgina had actually met Ariana Grande, her favorite singer, 2 years before!

On her Twitter page, there were also some chilling tweets she had posted before it all occurred dating back to 2016. The tweets and her account have since gone viral. Take a look

Now some people may think it’s just a few coincidental tweets. Some may even think it’s fake. These are not photoshopped tweets, you can go to the page yourself and view them along with her best friend confirming that Georgina was a victim and this is in fact her Twitter account. Celebrities also! A few cast memebers from Once Upon A Time met her recently and they took several photos. You can see one of the photosbas her default image. Georgina was a huge fan. 

I always have to make little connections to everything in life and this is one of them. This was no coincidence. Life is so mysterious that it’s scary. Of course she didn’t know what would happen but the fact that those were the words she chose, and her precious life was actually taken at this concert she was so excited to attend is too much for me to ignore. This stuck with me all night. They say everything happens for a reason but what reason is this??? What is the reason for any of these tragic events that occur?! Why do things like this KEEP happening? Yes some people are f’d up in the head and they commit these crimes but there’s more to it all! There’s got to be.

Are there any real ways to prevent these things happening ever again?It’s hard to have these questions that we’ll never have answered. It’s hard to wonder when and what is going to happen next. It’s hard to wonder which of our loved ones lives, or just innocent lives in general will be taken. Our world is so beautiful, yet so scary at the same time.

What was supposed to be an epic night of fun, turned to a horrible tragedy. We’re going to start being afraid to go anywhere. We can’t even send young children out to enjoy themselves without something happening??? Prayers go out to EVERY victim involved or affected!😢

You’re all truly in my heart❤️

10 thoughts on “Heartbreaking…💔

    1. Who knows💔
      I know the world has always been a mess but now that we have social media and cameras to actually see what’s going on and what these victims witness, it’s hard to take in. Will when it end..

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  1. I honestly feel so scared. Living in London, having this just so close, and knowing that it could have been me at the concert, or a family member, makes me get this sick feeling. I truly just want to cry at what happened in Manchester and my heart goes out to all affected. I just can’t bear this happening to anyone. i feel like everywhere I go, there could be a bomb lying around, ready to explode. Gosh, what has happened? how has security NO LONGER SECURE? Like what, I can’t even…

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    1. I can imagine your fear! Things getting way too close to home. Every time something like this happens it takes you back to 9/11 and all the many tragedies all over again. It’s really sad to think about those final moments, everyone being in a great mood getting ready to head home after such a great concert and then all of a sudden…

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