Today’s To Do + Intruder & An Annoying Weekend!

I’m just gonna jump right into things, yes I have another busy day today. But don’t worry, I’ll definitely be reading and commenting on your posts! It’s a part of the list💛

So, this weekend was pretty… wild? Crazy? Annoying? Weird? I don’t really know what to call it but I wasn’t feeling it at all! 

I’ve been waking up feeling so tired and I wasn’t able to get the energy to do much bloggging or anything else. I told you all we were supposed to go help my boyfriends brother move out. Well, my boyfriend went. I stayed home. I’m usually not in the most comfortable of moods to be around people, I was tired, and I didn’t know how long it would take. Plus I needed to work on Short Story Saturday still, which I didn’t do until 11 that night. I wrote Saturday’s story with much frustration. So my boyfriend came back home and a few hours later my cousin needed his help cleaning a building for work. My aunt has her own cleaning business and my cousin has a good part of it also but he only had an hour to get things done, so 4 hands would be better than 2. Unfortunately our tags are still bad, bills and unfortunate events occur that leave our pockets dry or with only enough left to survive. There’s just always something happening it seems!

My boyfriend got pulled over twice this week and got the tags taken. So, we need to get that taken care of so it doesn’t happen again. 

The car is actually a piece of shit anyway. It looks nice on the outside but so many problems on the inside we have to always get fixed. 

Could things get worse? Yep!

It rained that night/morning and he forgot to roll the car windows up so I guess the seats and everything got cleaned pretty good😒

We also had an intruder! Yeah, not the kind you might be thinking. A lizard got in from our balcony! I’m not sure if it got in from us leaving it open for a minute or crawling in some other way but we got him out safely. I assume he/she is a blue tailed skink.

Maybe it’s a he. I read online that young skinks have blue tails, but the males will fade their color and stripes as they age and they begin to grow a reddish color underneath the neck. Females keep their blue tails throughout their life. I also read that when they are frightened, they can detatch their tails as a distraction to the predator for them to get away! The bright blue coloring on the tail is to direct the attention of the predator towards it, instead of its vulnerable body. I thought that was pretty interesting, I know I was amazed by that beautiful tail! Lol.

Off he goes.

Everything else that happened was a little more personal. I am glad to say Sunday was a little better, the only thing was we were both pretty lazy.
Which brings me to…

Today’s To Do:

✔️Feed/Clean after pets *Fed✔️

🌸Wash a sink full of dishes (sarcastic yayy)

✔️Clean out refrigerator 

🌸Clean bathroom

✔️Vacuum apartment

✔️Watch The Real

✔️Work on a few awards

✔️Read/Comment/Respond *still have a few

✔️Read a few chapters of book


🌸Post to Instagram; maybe Twitter

🌸Post words of the week


🌸Work on some new images

✔️ Forgot to add wash day for ny hair, which actually is about a 4 hour process when I’m not being lazy. So, that took up majority of my time and energy.

I think that’s all for the day, of course I’ll add anything that comes up if needed. Hopefully I have plenty energy.

Anything interesting happen to you this weekend? Do you have a busy day today? Let me know in the comments✨


6 thoughts on “Today’s To Do + Intruder & An Annoying Weekend!

    1. Thank you. Ugh so annoying. I am currently reading a book my friend gave me for Christmas lol a little late getting to it but yeah. It’s titled Ruined, by Simone Elkeles

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