Short Story Saturday!

Happy Saturday everyone! Although when you read this it will already be Sunday. Sorry for the delay, today has been very eventful good AND bad. I’m actually very irritable as I type this. Things should hopefully get back to normal next week. No audio again this Saturday so just relax and enjoy reading this weeks short story:)

Brianna was popular
Brianna was a beauty
Brianna had lots of friends
But Brianna was a bully
This is the story of Brianna and

One morning in the school bathroom
Brianna and her posse surround Julie and say
“Look it’s ugly Julie looking at herself in a dirty mirror thinking she’ll get pretty”

Julie tries to walk away
Brianna says
“Why are you in such a hurry? The truth hurts doesn’t it?”

Julie quietly asks her,
“What have I done to you, why do you keep bothering me?”

Brianna’s posse laugh and she answers with,
“Because your appearance and your existence bothers me. You think you’re smarter than everyone but you’re not. You think you’re cute but I’m hot.” Brianna says cheerfully with a grin on her face, “Ask all the guys who looks better, they’ll tell you. You wanna be a part of everything and change things up around here. You’ve only been at this school for 6 months. This is my school and I run shit. Remember that or I might have to run you back to wherever you came from.”

Julie was confused
She never said she was better looking
She never said she was smarter
She just wanted to find a way to fit in and be a part of something

It was senior year
She didn’t want to be there
just as much as Brianna seemed to want her gone
She was only tired of feeling alone
“Can I just go?”

“Sure, if you drop out of yearbook, and graduation preparation group. You don’t know anything about this school Julie. You don’t belong.”

“Wow. If it’s that serious and important to you I will.”

And she did. It wasn’t that big of a deal to her with only a few months of school left. She stayed out of Brianna’s way

Avoiding her as much as possible

Ignoring her when she couldn’t

Luckily it never got physical

Well, not until 10 years later when Brianna is rushed to the hospital.

Apparently she almost ran a lady over just for a parking spot and gets out scolding her telling her to get out of the way next time.

She then pushes a cart that ends up hitting the lady’s daughter.

Bad idea.

The lady pushed her with full force and Brianna fell to the ground hitting her head pretty badly. Losing consciousness even.
Once she has her room and finally gains full conscious she is stunned when she sees her nurse looks oddly familiar.

“Hi I’m Julie I’ll be your nurse today. How are you feeling Brianna? Can I get you anything?”

“Julie? Julie McCoy?”

“Yeah it’s me. I’m surprised you can remember.”

“Is that supposed to be a joke or something? I see you’re holding grudges. You need to grow up,what happened was a long time ago. When can I go home?”

“Um, it wasn’t a joke. You didn’t care much for me then so why would you remember me now? Because of this ironic situation you’re vulnerable right now? And don’t forget how you got here. Maybe you’re the one that needs to do some growing up. I’m trying to help you despite what you did when you were young and dumb.”

“Oh please. You’re helping me because it’s your job. If this was high school you’d let me suffer.”

“But this isn’t high school and I know people aren’t perfect. I never thought you were a bad person. Just troubled and misguided. Now again, I’m here to help. Can I get you anything?”

“An acceptance.”

“Acceptance to what?” Julie asks.

“I’m sorry Julie okay? Accept my apology.”

“Or you’re going to run me out of the hospital?”

“I won’t do anything. I can’t do anything. Look, I’m here for a reason. You could be laughing in my face but you’re not.”

“Apology accepted.”

“You know, you’re still cute by the way but the nursing uniform makes you kind of hot.” She winks after saying this.

And with that the two women laugh together putting the past behind them and Brianna letting go of her faulty, selfish ways.

Hope you all enjoyed this short story Saturday. Leave your comments of course💛 and I’ll see you all on Monday.
By the way, I will be reading a few posts before I fall asleep tonight and finishing the rest of Read/Comment/Respond tomorrow so don’t worry if I haven’t stopped by in a couple of days or replied to your comments yet. If you want, leave me a link to any posts you’d like me to check out and I surely will✨




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    1. Thank you for reading and thanks for that compliment! I really appreciate it. This wasn’t one of my favorites, I wrote this while in such a bad mood so it’s a good feeling to know💕


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