#PersonifyME: Lauren Kelly

I had to reblog this because It felt like something I would write! It spoke to me deeply and if I could put into words how I feel with all of these emotions inside of me, pain aching to be let out.. these are the words that would come out.


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There is a girl of rage that sits within me. She has become like a caged animal, for I do not let her speak, and it infuriates her. She storms around her cell, screaming, swearing, punching, kicking. She’s out of control, so I must control her.
She’s the one that contains all of the abuse, the pain, the anger. For years she’s taken it silently, she never fought back, she didn’t know how. But there’s only so much you can take, before finally, you snap. She has snapped, and she is full of vengeance.
As I keep my mouth shut, it is like I feel her fists banging on the back of my teeth to open up and let her out. Like a dragon desperate to breathe its fire. My body is the cage, and I feel her rage…

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6 thoughts on “#PersonifyME: Lauren Kelly

    1. Mhm I took I read it that way also! For me it’s about standing up for myself, speaking up when someone does something that hurts me. Freeing myself from my own mind. Letting my truth escape that I’ve locked away giving others the key. Just so much!

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