Today’s To Do✨

Good afternoon everyone! I’ve decided to work on completing majority of my tasks for the day, before posting them again. Yesterday I didn’t have much of a list. My boyfriend washed the dishes for me the night before so all I had to do was work on an award, feed and clean after pets, read, and watch The Real. I also managed to upload another video to the guinea pigs YouTube channel. I guess that is kind of a list after all? A very short one but still. Shrugs. 

Today’s To Do:
✔️Feed/clean after pets (including Izabelle’s litter)

✔️Vacuum apartment 

✔️Wash dishes

✔️Watch The Real

✔️Read book 

✔️Still have a book Tag I need to be working on but as I said may take a while. Work on an award.


🌸Work on Fun Friday (I’ll have to do it in the morning)

🌸Work on Short Story Saturday (I’ll have to start this tomorrow also)

✔️Drink water/have smoothie 

✔️Work on first task for Typewriter Project

🌸Post to Instagram, maybe Twitter also

How has your day been so far? Have you been very productive? Are you participating in Mahriya’s Typewriter Project? Let me know in the comments✨💕


10 thoughts on “Today’s To Do✨

    1. I love it! I watch every day now☺️ and that’s a hard one!! I’m not sure I have a favorite. I really love Loni and Jeannie’s personality, they both seem to be the life of the party and have a great sense of humor lol plus Loni isn’t afraid to really keep it real! On the other hand, I love Tamera and Adrienne too because they’re so sweet and usually calm, I think my personality matches theirs most. They each compliment each other in bringing the show together, I don’t think I’d want to watch anymore without either host.

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      1. I know right! All four hosts are amazing and different in their own way. I do agree, Adrienne and Tam are a little bit alike at times in their niceness. Buy hey, I love them all. Here’s to more “the real” 😁😁

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