Words of the week✨

This post was meant for yesterday, but since I took the day off here we are today. Most of these words come from Merriam-Webster, Dictionary.com, and WordThink’s words of the week but I will also be adding a few choices of my own.

So without further ado, let’s learn some new words✨

Tetchy- Bad tempered and irritable 

Sophistry- Tricking someone by making a seemingly clever argument 

Saudade- A deep emotional state of pensive sadness longoing for a person or thing that is absent (in Portuguese folk culture)

Upbraid- To criticize severely; find fault with (I honestly would have thought this was a hairstyle🤦🏽‍♀️)

Furtive- Done in a quiet and secretive way to avoid being noticed, typically because of guilt or belief that being discovered will lead to trouble

Billet-Doux- A love letter 💌 (oooh. Pronounced bil-ey-doo; I’ve also heard “billy do” lol)

Vade-mecum- A handbook/guide/something that is regularly carried at hand for ready reference (pronounced vay-dee-me-kum)

My Choices:

Ardent- Intensely enthusiastic or passionate 

Ineffable- Too great to be expressed in words

Oblivion- The state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around you; forgetting or being completely forgotten (I’m sure we all know this word but I just like it lol so it made the list)

That’s it for this week. This is what I will do, post 7 words from the websites I mentioned above and then 3 of my own choices. That way it evens out to 10.

Now we’ve learned words and basic math☺️

Have you used any of these words before? Are any of them new to you? Any words you think I would like? Comment below💕


6 thoughts on “Words of the week✨

  1. Ahh I’ve been guilty of a bit of sophistry one time or another, haha! What a fun word. 💕 I’ve heard upbraid, furtive, ardent, ineffable, and oblivion before lol but the others are new to me! Thanks for sharing 💛✨

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