The Last Post..

Good morning everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there💕

Enjoy the day. You deserve it. And to all the sons and daughters, show appreciation to the woman who carried you in her womb, and gave you life. Not only today but everyday! Not everyone will be able to tell their mom they love them or wish them a Happy Mother’s Day this year. Know that it’s truly a blessing to have such a bond, a type of love that can not be replaced. Don’t ever take it for granted.

And if you haven’t read this week’s Short Story Saturday post, “Mother Away” head on over to read it after you’re done here. It might be a little sad but it ends on a positive note.💛

It ends with positive hope…

Now as the title says, because I’m sure you’re all wondering, this will be my last post. No worries! This is only for Sunday’s. I’m working on a blog schedule and I’ve realized blogging every single day is very time consuming and can get overwhelming quickly. I will be using Sunday as a day to relax, spend time with loved ones and enjoy the outside world. This doesn’t mean I won’t be on WordPress at all, I just won’t be posting that day. For now you can still expect something Monday-Saturday. I am still deciding if I’m going to use Monday as a no post day also. If I choose to do so, I will use Monday the same as Sunday, but also as a day to catch up on reading your posts more. If I decide to continue posting on Monday’s I will use it as a planning day to plan and share those plans for the week. I will also be posting the words of the week and definitions. This could be from the websites of my own choice of words.

A complete schedule will be posted once it is ready.

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you all tomorrow💖

Do you have a blogging schedule? Do you post everyday? Let me know in the comments section✨


14 thoughts on “The Last Post..

  1. You are much better than me! I was trying to blog 3 days a week and that was tough for me. I blog 2 on average and maybe 3. I think it depends on what is going on in your life and your goals. Then, you decide what works for you. I hope you figure out a system that you love and won’t be too stressful 🙂. Have a great day!

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    1. lol that’s what it might end up being after a while, 3 days a week. I think that’s reasonable and you’re giving enough time to blogging and the rest of your life. Hopefully this system does work for me for now

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  2. Girl I thought you were literally disappearing! I was about to come on here to be like NOOOOO. I am thinking of doing the same. I usually post everyday but I am starting to worry, that maybe I am not producing the best content, because I am so focused on just getting it out there. It’s also hard to catch up with followers and new blogs, so I think this is a great idea. I might try 5 days.

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    1. Lol sorryyy, I’m still here☺️
      That’s exactly what I was thinking though! Like after a while you need time to recharge so you can produce that same great content, without going crazy. You start to stress about what you can post for the next day and how to not make it similar to all the other posts. Then you have to read and comment on everyone else’s post, it’s just a lot. I think 5 days is perfect!

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  3. I do my best to post everyday ans twice on a Sunday. I can see where you’re coming from with the stress, but your posts have always been great. I’ll still be just as excited to read your posts whether they be on a Monday or not 🙂 xx

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  4. It’s good to have days off, Lee! Take Mondays off if you need that, too 😊✨💗 Normally, I enjoy blogging Wednesday through Sunday, then either not post on Monday and Tuesday, unless I have something exciting to share. For the month of May, however, I’m posting at least once a day for the blogging Challenge I’m doing! I love it, but it’s also taking a toll on me 😂 I think I’m going to take at least a day or two off at the beginning of June to take a break, haha. I hope you’re having a great Sunday! ✨

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    1. Lol yeah I understand that! I ended up not blogging yesterday and I was itching to all day but my mind was blank so it was good to be away and let my mind collect some fresh ideas

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  5. Sundays and Mondays seem like good days to take off! I’m blogging everyday this month since I wanted to try it but normally I don’t. I usually write three posts a week, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Blogging everyday is pretty fun but personally I don’t think I could do it longer than a month at a time!

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  6. Hey baby, you know I post every day, anything between 1 and 4 posts. When I was feeling overwhelmed I took a break. This is amazing but it can become stressful and take your attention away from other activities and your personal life in general. I usually deal pretty well with it but, when I can’t, I just take a break. It has happened last week. I wasn’t up for it at all so I only posted my challenge post and only because I didn’t want to quit. Take a day or two just for you, my friend!


    1. Yes! It always amazes and motivates me when I see bloggers like you be able to post so much, everyday and still deal with life outside of blogging. Some people even work full or part time jobs, or are in school and still manage to post daily. But at the same time I notice most of them have a period where it gets too stressful and they have to take a break. I tried it out and felt that same stress I would read about. So I’m going to see if taking Sunday’s off helps

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