Today’s To Do✨

I hope everyone is participating and enjoying Fun Friday! I have a To Do list today and like I said yesterday, this weekend would be a little more eventful☺️ 

Most of today’s list is complete but I’ve got a few more things to check off. So let’s look at how productive I’ve been so far…

What I’ve Done So Far:

✔️ Hair and eyebrows. * I think I’m getting better with my eyebrows. I only razor them just a little and apply an eyebrow gel. About 2-4 times a month, usually only twice. I haven’t had them threaded in months nor have I felt the need to. I do use cleansing wipes or alcohol. I have naturally thick eyebrows so I don’t need to fill them in, unless I make a mistake with the razor lol please let’s not let that happen.

✔️ Feed pets & clean after guinea pigs. * I need to film this soon for a daily routine YouTube video 

✔️ Go to pet store (food/toys for Izabelle and hay for Piggies) *we bought a toy for Izabelle when we first brought her home, it’s a mouse on a string but the mouse makes noise and she doesn’t like it at all, scares her lol. The toy selection at the pet store sucks, we got her a few balls. She had no interest in them at first, but after a few minutes she finally started playing with one of the. Next time I’ll see what Walmart has.

✔️ Go to Hobby Lobby (I’ll be doing a few small DIYs soon to start off my DIY series) 

✔️ Grocery shopping (spent $106, decent amount of food) *this is something I want to start keeping track of

✔️ Get gas and electricity in our name for apartment *Luckily we got there when we did. It seems like once we arrived, so did everyone else. We were in front so we were basically in and out.☺️

Today’s To Finish:

✔️ Decide and cook what we want for dinner *boyfriend is thinking burgers and green beans. One side? Eh. I’m thinking about Grilled BBQ burgers, mac and cheese, potato salad, AND green beans now lol, not the healthiest but we’ve been doing good lately and a lot better than before (but we ain’t livin lavish enough lol)

✔️ Wash dishes *Boyfriend is doing them now but he’ll probably leave something lol and I might do them after we eat anyway.

✔️ Clean Izabelle’s litter

✔️ Read/Comment/Reply|Respond or (Read blog posts, Comment on blog posts, Reply to my comments) >still have many to read and comments to reply on

✔️ Work on tags (hoping to post one next week)

✔️ Read a few chapters 

🌸 Planning *I need to get better at planning lol

🌸 Didn’t work on Short Story Saturday, but I’ve got some ideas and a few stories written (started) I can finish and use. We’ll see???

I think that’s it for Friday. I’ll add anything I forgot as always. Let me know what your plans for this weekend are and how your Friday has been in the comment section✨

Side note: I just saw Izabelle chasing her tail as I was about to hit post lol! It was the cutest thing. I was I had my camera open! Alright, NOW until next time…

Love Lee☺️💖


8 thoughts on “Today’s To Do✨

    1. I agree. It happens, it sucks. I’ve been feeling like that the past week or so honestly. I just try my best to manage and get through. Hopefully we’ll both get out of this funk and you’ll be more motivated✨

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