Today’s To Do✨

Yesterday there was no To Do list, simply because I really didn’t do anything lol. The apartment was cleaned from the day before, my boyfriend had a doctors appointment and I just wanted to relax. I did the basic things like, feed my pets, clean after them, and read a few blog posts. I did The Smile Tag and I also washed my hair but other than that, nothing. This weekend should be a little more eventful. Yeah, just a little. But I’ll try to make things interesting😉

Today won’t be much different but I do have a little cleaning to do, so here’s today’s list…

Today’s To Do:

✔️ Feed/Clean after pets

✔️ Read some blogs/comments

🌸 Work on some tags, I think I have 2 more. Not sure when they will be posted as I need more time (one is a book tag and I haven’t been reading much lately, the great books I have read I can’t remember most 😞 I need to start all over)

✔️ Wash dishes

✔️ Clean bathroom

✔️ Read a few chapters

✔️ Plan/Brainstorm 

✔️ Straighten bedroom (doesn’t need a full clean)

✔️ Boyfriends mom is coming over later

✔️ Relax on the balcony if it’s not too hot (it’s actually raining but I stood out for a while)

🌸 Possibly another post today

What have you got planned for the day? Is your day as chill as mine? Anything else you might want to say or suggest? Comment below💕

2 thoughts on “Today’s To Do✨

  1. Awesome list, Lee! The only three things I know for certain I’ll be doing today is working on schoolwork, writing some upcoming blog posts, and reading a book that I’ve been into lately. It’s not much, but it’ll probably take hours to do, anyway 😂 I hope you’re having a beautiful day, Lee! Enjoy this weekend. 💕

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