Before I log off for the night…


Hocus pocus???

Nope. Holus-Bolus.

Maybe I’m behind but this is my first time seeing this word. I decided to check out the word of the day again, since I’m always interested in words and especially learning new ones.

One of the words was “Holus-Bolus” (I’ll post the screenshots) which means all at once.

The other words are lanuginous and specious:

“Downy; Lanugo is also an English word used to refer to the soft woolly hair that covers the fetus of some mammals.”

Or “superficially pleasing, but actually wrong.” “Misleading in appearance, especially misleadingly attractive.”

I think I’m going to keep up with the word of the day, or pick my own words. A few times a week at least. Hmmm🤔

We’ll see how it goes.

Let me know what you think or if you’ve used any of these words before.


16 thoughts on “Before I log off for the night…

  1. I’ve never heard of those words before! But they’re all quite interesting 🙂 Word-of-the-Days are always so much fun, I think! That’s how I first learned about the word “juxtaposition” – it’s so fun to say, and I love its meaning.

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