Blog Hostage😧

Today I decided to do things a little differently. The past few days I’ve noticed I’ve been really tired, sleeping in, and not completing my tasks on my To Do lists. I decided not to have that happen again, I was feeling the laziness kick in- Nope not today! If I was going to get anything done, I had to just get up and do it.

I had to b r e a k  f r e e ! (For a day☺️ lol, I might do this more often though honestly)

I knew that if I posted this morning, I would have gotten trapped in the WordPress community spending majority of my time reading posts and replying to comments. You may think it doesn’t take that long but it does! And I only have 300 followers. I can only imagine how long it takes those who have thousands! Blogging is very time consuming and at times we all become what I like to call, blog hostages.

We want to make content, read content, and reply to our comments of course. But we also make plans and commitments to do things other than blogging yet once we log in, it seems we’re logged in longer than we expected or really wanted to be. This can also include social media.

I feel so much better completing my tasks first and then coming to visit the blogging community, without worrying about how many things I need to check off while being “held hostage.”

So here’s what I’ve done today so far- The only thing else I will be doing is having my blog time of course, working on some tags I received, reading, and watching Pretty Little Liars.

  • Fed pets
  • Fed myself
  • Watched The Real
  • Cleaned kitchen (dishes & guinea pig area)
  • Cleaned/Vacuumed entire apartment
  • Showered after cleaning since I knew I’d be hot & sweaty. Yuck
  • Uploaded video to guinea pigs YouTube channel
  • Posted to social media
  • Went out on the balcony (it’s pretty hot today so didn’t stay out too long.)
  • Signed up for the Typewriter Project over on Mahriya’s blog
  • Made an email just for my blog; finally sent to Cheila
  • Brainstormed and wrote future blog post ideas
  • Yesterday I said I would research or look up something and I ended up looking up the word of the day from a few sites:

Have you used any of these words before?

I feel like there’s a lot more to add, I’m always forgetting something but all in all I still feel like today has been very productive, and one of my better days within this past week which I’m really thankful for.✨

How has your day been? Did you complete your tasks? Have you been a blog hostage all day? Comment below.


4 thoughts on “Blog Hostage😧

  1. I love this term blog hostage! I have been one so many times XD
    I just get caught up reading and replying to comments, trying to come up with more posts 😂
    But after a while I do step back and carry on with daily life 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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