Today’s To Do✨

I don’t have much of an intro for today’s list besides the fact that I’m feeling a little better, but my boyfriend still isn’t. He left work early today. Yesterday we were able to do some team work, he washed most of the dishes while I cleaned the guinea pigs area. It’s almost time to wash their sheets and towels.

Today’s To Do:

✔️ Feed pets (cat & guinea pigs) Izabelle had all her antibiotics so we’ll see how she does these next few days

✔️ Post my Golden Blogger Pass

✔️ Watch The Real

🌸 Wash the rest of the dishes (only utensils and a few plates left)

✔️ Catch up on blogs and comments 

🌸 Read a few chapters 

🌸 Draft some posts for this week and story ideas

🌸 Go through extra boxes because I have yet to do this

✔️ Send Cheila my email address or email her because I have yet to do this

✔️ Reply to my friend (she’s been wanting to make plans) and text my cousin 

✔️ Post to Instagram & Twitter

🌸 Work on The Smile Tag Laura nominated me for

🌸 Take time to relax on balcony if weather is nice (It’s hot af, too hot to be sitting out)

✔️ Research (I haven’t done this in a while but I want to learn about something new, maybe a word. I’ll do some google searching and let you all know what I find)

What’s something I could research? Any suggestions? Are you following me on Instagram & Twitter? Has your Monday been productive? Comment below.✨


10 thoughts on “Today’s To Do✨

  1. I’m following you everywhere, am I not? Online, not in a stalker way. I love that you included my person in your to-do list, haha. Love ya, girl!! I hope your man feels better soon. Sending healing vibes. Poor thing.

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    1. I think so☺️ unless you aren’t following my guinea pigs Instagram account, LOL yes they have an account. Helps with the YouTube channel a little I think. Did you get my email address? I haven’t checked yet. And thank you, he has an appointment tomorrow✨

      Liked by 1 person

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