Today’s To Do: The Laziest Sunday

Hey everyone! How’s your day been so far? Has it been super lazy? Mine has. 

No power outage today but the signal still sucks. I didn’t post this morning because I really needed to catch up on reading  your posts and replying to my many comments. The past few days have been very overwhelming blogging wise and every day life. You’ll have to forgive me if I don’t respond in a timely manner. 

My boyfriend still hasn’t been feeling well and it’s actually taken a toll on me too. Next week he has to take 3 days off to heal. I kind of feel his pain, his frustration, his weakness. I haven’t had much energy and my moods have just been all over the place. Those dishes still aren’t washed but neither of us have the energy to do them at the moment. The trash also needs to be taken out and it seems all of our bills are due around the same time or it’s one thing after another coming up that we end up having to pay for. On top of everything I’m still trying to keep the apartment decent, take care of my pets who need the care regardless because they can’t do it themselves since they aren’t in the wild, blog, make YouTube videos, earn/save extra money, communicate with my friends and family so they don’t think I’m ignoring them (which I haven’t been doing much lately) and just live. I’m sure I’m leaving things out. I’m just exhausted. Aren’t we all? At least at some point.

Honestly, while I was reading and catching up on blogs and comments I was falling asleep, trying to fight it so badly. It wasn’t because any of your posts were boring or anything like that. I’m just that tired.

Today is also one of my friends birthday, she’s been going through a lot also and I need to talk to her soon. Happy Birthday Court💕whenever you see this. I know we both go through so much and I haven’t been very available lately but know that I love you and I haven’t forgotten or ditched you💖

Today’s list will be kind of short, but I won’t go without doing anything so here it goes…

Today’s Lazy To Do:

✔️ Give Izabelle her antibiotics 

✔️ Read your blog posts and reply to comments (still have a few to read, replying to comments after this post)

✔️ Clean guinea pigs area 

🌸 Choose a lucky someone to nominate for my tag/award, whatever it will be lol. Finalizing and posting tomorrow.

✔️ Buy guinea pigs more hay & Buy food for next 2 days

✔️ Work on posts for next week (worked on some ideas)

🌸 Have a smoothie with kale (I definitely need to have more veggies in my life)

✔️ Catch up on some YouTube videos

What are your plans for the day? Have you already completed most of your tasks?


8 thoughts on “Today’s To Do: The Laziest Sunday

  1. This is the only post I’ve read today and the only comment I will write. We are so on the same boat, dear friend. I’m extremely tired, overwhelmed and with a ton of shot to deal with. I was reading and nodding. I’ve been having the worst freaking time since last weekend. Last week was so shitty and this weekend with family and friends and their drama has been the last I can’t take. It’s Sunday night, I’m about to start a new week and feel my absolute worst. I feel you, girl

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    1. Ugh ikr! The struggles. It seems like we’re always on the same boat. And even when you’re so overwhelmed and just need time to yourself people still don’t understand. I admit sometimes I can get too comfortable with my alone time but still, don’t judge me because I need more time to recharge than others and a lot more seems to be piling on my plate at the same time.


  2. Keeping on top of things can be exhausting. I hope your boyfriend feels better! I hate when I am unwell and my dog still needs to be walked and receive attention. Sometimes things have to suffer while you work on other stuff. Don’t feel guilty, you are doing amazing and I hope you get through your lists.

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. Sometimes we can be a bit hard on ourselves and forget we are only human, we can’t be perfect and things can’t always go as planned.

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