Short Story Saturday✨

The Beauty In Lyric

Lyric Wright was 7 years old when she fell in love with writing and singing. She wrote her very first song for the school talent show competition and won 1st place. 

🎶One day I will fly, I won’t have to cry, mom and dad will always be by my side but I just have to try, to be a big girl sometimes. Cause I can change the world, even if I’m just a little girl. As long as I’ve got super girl powers I can fly forever.”🎶 She sang softly in front of the crowd of parents, students, and teachers.

Fast forward 10 years later and she hasn’t stopped singing since. It became her dream to become a singer/songwriter, she was just too afraid to turn that dream into reality. She had always been very shy and reserved, so her talents were hidden from the world.
She always wondered what gave her the strength and courage to go on stage when she was 7 and why she didn’t have it now. Her theory: Children don’t gossip and judge each other as much as teenagers. They literally just want to have fun. Teenagers want to start drama, make fun of you, and pull you down to your lowest level of life all to fit in and make themselves feel better. Especially if you’re really good looking or talented. 

She didn’t have many friends so She didn’t want any unnecessary attention on herself just because She was good at something. Isn’t everyone? She didn’t think she was better than anyone else. Unfortunately, the students at Northwood would think that.

The one friend she did have was Connor and even he didn’t know she could sing. They met in Math class in 8th grade when he noticed she was struggling on a few tests. He offered to help her and she accepted with the sweetest smile. They were almost inseparable, people often spread rumors that they were secretly dating even when they constantly told them they were just friends. Connor knew she could write well. He learned that in 8th grade when they became friends. He helped her in math and she helped him with his language arts work. They’re seniors in high school now and still do the same only now it’s calculus and English. They were the perfect duo.

One afternoon after school, Connor stops by Lyric’s house as he often did just to hang out or to study sometimes. Lyric’s mother welcomes him in and tells him Lyric is in her bedroom. 
When he gets to her door it’s cracked and he hears soft singing. It’s her. She can’t hear because she has headphones on and she doesn’t see him because she’s focused on writing.

Connor listens to her sing and watches her write in a purple notebook for about a minute before she stops and takes the headphones off.

He decides to knock before walking in.

Connor: Hey, what you up to?
Lyric: Con! You scared me. Are we studying tonight? 

She asks as she quickly closes the purple notebook.

Connor: You know I hate when you call me Con. Like I’m some con artist. 
He says as he walks over to sit at the computer desk next to her bed.

Lyric: Oh shut up its cute for your name. Are we studying tonight or?
Connor: No, I’m just stopping by to hang. What are you up to? You didn’t say.
Lyric: Oh I was just writing. Nothing important. What do you wanna do? My mom got a few movies on bootleg and she says they’re all new, but I haven’t checked them out yet.
Connor: Nah I don’t really feel like watching any movies right now. What you listening to?
Lyric: I was just checking out this new song.
Connor: By who?

Lyric: Um, Rihanna. Why all the questions?

Connor: Rihanna doesn’t have a new song out and I’m asking because I heard you singing and now I’m wondering why you never told me you could. You’ve got some talent and you’re hiding it like this?

Lyric was astounded. She really didn’t know what to say. No one has heard her sing since the 2nd grade in that talent show. She knew he was only going to pressure her to sing more but she just wasn’t ready.
Lyric: I was going to tell you eventually. I mean it’s really not that special it’s just something I like to do.
Connor: it’s something you’re really good at.
Lyric: That’s partly why I keep it secret. You know how people at Northwood are. They’ll think I’m some conceited bitch in a second.
Connor: Or they’ll think you sound great, like I do. Does your mom know?
Lyric: She heard me sing once when I was younger, I wasn’t as good back then though. But you’re different. 
Connor: The only difference is I’m your friend and I’m gonna tell you the truth. You shouldn’t care what others think. They’re the snobs If they think that of you because you’re the sweetest girl I know. I think you should try out for that new show Musical Wars. You sing and write lyrics on the show to win 50k and a record deal with Next Star Music Productions. All you have to do is send a video with your information and sing a song for 30 seconds.

Lyric: Yeah I bet a million people audition for those shows. What are the odds of me winning or even being chosen?

Connor: Your name is Lyric Wright. I think that’s enough reason itself. Your name automatically makes you sound like a star. A lyrical singing genius. Honestly Lyric, you have a great voice from what I heard.
Lyric: I don’t even know what I would sing.
Connor: Sing anything. What about that Rihanna song you said you were listening to?

Lyric: Obviously I was lying. I was listening to something I wrote in 2nd grade for a talent show. It’s stupid. But I wanted to write a full version. Maybe even a better version. I don’t know.

Connor: Can you sing it again for me?

Lyric: Promise not to laugh?

Connor: I’m not gonna laugh. I promise.
Lyric: Okay. I’ve been working on it but don’t look at me…
Connor turns around and patiently waits. 
She takes a deep breath, and begins to sing…

🎶Born with wings but they seem that they’ve been broken. Trying to read life like a book but it won’t open. How is the story told? How does the story unfold? Is there always a happy ending? I’m just hanging on the branches. One day I will fly, I won’t have to cry, you’ll always be by my side but I just have to try, to be a big girl sometimes. Cause I can change the world, even if I was still just a little girl. As long as I’ve got super girl powers I can fly forever.🎶

Connor turns back around when he realizes she is finished. She’s just staring at him, waiting for a response probably. 

Connor: It’s a beautiful song. It’s nowhere near stupid. How could you ever think that?
Lyric: I don’t know. You really like it?
Connor: I do. I think you should sing it for the audition. I’m pretty confident you’ll be picked. The worst thing that can happen is you don’t get picked and the best thing that can happen is your life changing forever. You have a real talent you’re clearly passionate about. I can tell by your lyrics. This is the time for you to fly. Your wings aren’t broken they just don’t know how to work because you don’t use them. This could be your happy ending, but only if you try. Give it a chance.
Lyric thought about her best friends words and he was right. Those words touched her heart in ways she couldn’t explain but she knew that if she didn’t try now, she probably never would. 
Lyric decides to send in her audition with Connors help recording.
3 moths later, Lyric Wright is on Musical Wars stage giving her winning speech.
Lyric: I wouldn’t be here tonight, standing here in front of you all as a Musical War winner of it wasn’t for my best friend Connor. He’s the one who convinced me to take a chance and reach for my dreams. He’s the one who convinced me not to worry about what everyone else thinks and just go for what makes me happy. I couldn’t ask for a better friend so thank you Connor. I’d also like to thank everyone for voting for me, my parents, students at Northwood High School. I really didn’t expect all the love and support I got.
I’ve learned how to use my wings and I’m flying! Thank you everyone!❤️

Lyric’s life was changed forever, for the better.

I hope you all enjoyed this short story and sorry there was no audio. Let me know what you thought of the story or what you took from it in the comments✨


16 thoughts on “Short Story Saturday✨

    1. I actually wrote the lyrics while I was writing the story, I wrote it all last night. Thank you✨✨ maybe I’ll write a complete version to the lyrics


    1. Yeah while I was writing I almost started a little romance lol but decided to keep the focus on the main message. I may eventually continue Lyric and Conner’s story☺️

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