Today’s To Do: Annoying Power Outage Edition 

Thanks to all of this rain we’ve been having, we had a power outage last night that carried until 1 this afternoon. Our wifi was out and to make matters worse, the phone company we’re with is shit and we don’t have great signal here at the new apartment. I guess because we’re off in the cut and close to a lot of trees in the back? 😑

I also like to go out on the weekends, but this weather isn’t agreeing. I’ve been so frustrated all morning I couldn’t even finish my breakfast. Short Story Saturday will be up a little later and there won’t be audio for this one. Ugh. I could have used this time to write, or wash the full sink of dishes I didn’t do because my boyfriend kept saying he would. 

But I couldn’t get my thoughts together, I just wanted the damn wifi! I wanted to post when I normally do, the power outage just completely threw me off. Of course I shouldn’t have let it, but no one is in a great mood when their whole morning starts so bad.
Well, not the whole morning. I did wake up able to see the morning again which we all should be thankful for.

But it’s okay to have bad days. Nothing in life is really perfect, we just have to make the best of them anyway. 

So instead of just sitting there angry or going back to sleep, I grab a book and read a few chapters. It was going to be in my To Do list anyway and who knows when I actually would have gotten around to it. That’s 1 thing I can already have checked off and not have to worry about trying to fit in at 11 PM, when I could be doing something more important at that time💤💤💤

So here’s the rest of my to do list…

Today’s To Do:

✔️ Work on and post Short Story Saturday 

🌸 Read and comment on your posts

🌸 Respond to my comments

🌸 Probably read some more chapters because the book I’m reading is kind of getting interesting. I don’t know 

✔️ Continue planning and brainstorming 

✔️ Vacuum living room 

🌸 Go through and organize boxes

✔️ Give Izabelle her morning and night antibiotics (Morning✔️)

✔️ Spot clean guinea pigs area 

✔️ Grocery store to get something for dinner 

Today’s list seems a bit short. Maybe because I was so frustrated, maybe because the weekends are always more relaxed, or maybe because I’m forgetting something. I’ll come back to add if I am.

How was your morning? Luckier than mine? Got any plans for the weekend? Leave me a comment.✨


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