Today’s To Do✨


How is everyone’s morning going? 

I woke up later than usual today and have been feeling a little gloomy. I assume it’s because of the weather. We’ve been having a lot of rain and thunderstorms the past couple of weeks. 

I haven’t even been able to relax on the balcony like I wanted. I guess I’m just waiting for those May flowers.

Today’s list again is going to mainly consist of the things I didn’t get to do yesterday, and also a few other tasks. Let’s see what I’ve got planned.

Today’s To Do:

✔️ Feed and give Izabelle her medicine

✔️ Fun Friday post

✔️ Upload YouTube video to guinea pig channel 

✔️ Catch up on your blogs

✔️ Post to Instagram & Twitter

✔️ Read a few chapters 

✔️ Clean kitchen floor

✔️ Clean guinea pigs area

✔️ Continue planning for May/brainstorm post ideas

✔️ Work on putting my tag/challenge all together, image, & finishing touches. Need to have this finished by Monday.

✔️ Go to dentist with boyfriend if any open appointments are available (he’s going to go ahead and go to one now, it’s the only one available and I’m not ready so I’ll be home holding it down until he gets back lol. Hopefully all goes well, his jaw is in a lot of pain.)

🌸 Work on Short Story Saturday 

✔️ Try new smoothie combination with kale, take pictures for future blog post

🌸 Go through and organize boxes we haven’t put up since moving (small boxes, mainly my DIY projects and supplies)

✔️ Possibly get a movie or find a good show to watch with boyfriend, no cellphone distractions

I will add anything if anything else comes up. What are your plans for the day? How’s the weather where you are? Leave a comment below✨


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