Fun Friday #6 “Meet Izabelle/Izellah?”😻

Happy Fun Friday everyone!

(This post will include lots of pictures)

Before I begin, I’d like to thank everyone who gave their opinions to help me decide on her name. I love both names (Izabelle & Izellah) but I keep seeing and thinking Izabelle when I look at her. Both names have a special meaning so fitting for her that it was hard choosing between the two. If you read yesterday’s To do list you know that Izabelle means “God is my vow” and Izellah means “little princess” and that she is- a little princess. My little princess. But I also feel like having her was meant to be. Maybe she can have both lol! So far (including your comments) majority like Izabelle best.

I actually wanted a male kitten but out of all the cats we’ve seen, she is the one who really spoke to my heart. I know she was placed with me for a greater reason than me picking her out from the others.

This is how it all started…

My boyfriend and I went to the pet store on Monday just to check out some guinea pigs. We had went a few days earlier but they didn’t have any. I like to check on them often to make sure the employers are keeping them in decent conditions, to see all the different looks and personalities they have, and to sometimes film for a segment I call “Pet Shop Adventures” on my guinea pig’s YouTube channel. We were going to wait a little longer to find the perfect kitten but for some reason on this day we decided we had to have one already. Cats are my favorite animals, I love animals in general but my heart is truly with felines. My boyfriend prefers dogs but our apartment doesn’t allow them.
Now after looking at the adorable piggies they had we decided to look around more. That’s when little Dillinger caught our eyes.

(Look how small the cages are)

Dillinger is about 1 year old and he was super sweet! I pet him through the small cage openings for at least 15 minutes it felt like, he was lonvinnnn it!

Right when we were deciding to go ahead and adopt him the lady at the desk says, “Do you have children? Cause’ I have to tell you, he is not good with kids and we can’t let him go to any home with them. He also scratched a young boys finger earlier and drew blood.”


We were both very sad about this. It was like we had our new pet and just like that, he was gone already.
But why? We don’t have any kids.
Well, my family has a lot of kids. We plan on having my cousins, nieces/nephews over often this summer, so that wouldn’t really work out for Dillinger, or the kids. I felt like I had lost hope. I don’t know, I couldn’t explain the feeling. The lady at the desk then told us she would look online at a near by store and show us what cats they have….
They actually had a girl name Hope. I didn’t get any pictures of her myself and I think she may have been adopted because I can’t find her on the adoption site anymore. Hope is a stray cat, she’s been with different shelters since December 2016. Again, we wanted a male cat but Hope was pretty. She was a gray and orange tabby cat and had been looking for a forever home for a while so we decided to go check her out. We didn’t even look through the others so we didn’t see my Izabelle. Who’s name at the time was actually Stephanie.
When we arrived we immediately went to the cat adoption area, we had to move quickly because we were informed that adoptions close at 8 PM. It was already about 7:30.

There was no employee at the desk but we instantly saw Hope and about a second later I look over to the right corner, all by herself I see “Stephanie.” She looked very small so I thought she may be a year or younger. We checked Hope out first, her fur was so soft but we couldn’t feel too long. She was very shy and reserved. She didn’t want to be touched too long. I assume it’s because something tragic happened while she was a stray.
We decided to give her some space and check Stephanie out.
When we get closer to her cage we are shocked at how thin she is but she wasn’t very shy. She immediately came up to my hand, sniffing and rubbing against it mostly. She even meowed so much, even more if we stopped rubbing her or walked away only a few steps. I assume she was saying “Please stay, please give me lots of love.” So I stayed and gave her lots of love☺️

I read her kennel card to get more information and she is 2 years old!

This sweet baby girl is underweight, weighing 6 pounds. Female cats at 2 years should weigh between 8-12 pounds. She is also on medication for a cold. There was no way I could let her stay in a small cage in the condition she was in, and just how sweet she was! My mind was made.

She looks so sad in the cage. You can easily see how skinny she is..

I still felt really sad because Hope still needed her forever home, I wished I could rescue them both. Unfortunately I don’t think I could have even if I could… if that makes any sense. They say Hope should be housed as an only pet, or with an older relaxed cat.

An employee finally comes to the desk and we tell her we want to adopt Stephanie. She tells us about her weight, how much to feed her, and all about her medication. She also tells us that we would not be able to adopt at the time because it would take at least 40 minutes to fill out all the paper work and get approved and they had to close down at 8. Luckily she was able to keep her held for us until the next day but I was still bummed. We told Stephanie we would be back, and went on home. We were sent home with an application to fill out. I thought about her all night and all morning when Tuesday arrived, I was so excited and so ready to get her out of that cage.
My boyfriend and I get to the adoption center at about 6 PM, and there little Stephanie is, waiting for us still.
But some series of unfortunate events just always has to happen. Always. That’s my life it seems.
There’s a different employee this time and she tells us that Stephanie can’t be adopted out for another day because they need to keep an eye on her, her bowel movements weren’t normal. She also told us not to worry because it could be just from the medication.
At this point should I give up and just get another cat? Or none and continue to wait for the “perfect” one? No. I was disappointed and even getting angry but if I wanted to help her I had no choice but to wait yet another day. We turn in our application and leave without.
Wednesday morning I didn’t wake up as excited. I experienced doubt throughout the day because I just felt like we were going to get bad news again. They also said they would call us, and to call them if they hadn’t by 2:30 PM
Well I called about 5 times before I got an answer so you can imagine my frustration and doubt. I texted my boyfriend who was at work telling him they aren’t answering, and to try to call if he could. I wasn’t giving up! I called that last time after I sent the text and they answer and tell me sorry. The lady said she meant to call earlier and let me know that we were approved, her bowels were much better and we could come get her.
We can come get her!!!
So much excitement in that moment. After all of the doubt.

Hours later, she was in her new home. I love her so much already and she loves me☺️ She’s also very fragile so we have to be gentle with her, you can feel all of her bones… breaks my heart.

She got in this adorable position under the blanket all on her own💕

I plan to keep you all updated on her health and weight as best I can (I don’t have a scale at the moment)

My mission is to give Izabelle (or Izabelle Izellah lol) the best loving home she’s ever had and help her gain back her health. I’m ready to see the great progress and transition and share the journey with all of you.💖


10 thoughts on “Fun Friday #6 “Meet Izabelle/Izellah?”😻

  1. She’s so beautiful and the cutest thing. I’m so happy you found her and she found you. I’m sure you’ll be the best cat mom ever and make sure she is happy and healthy and well taken care of. What an amazing thing it is to adopt a pet. We adopted Rosa when she was 2 months old, she has been our baby ever since.

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  2. Oh my god you’re so thoughtful to keep her!! She’s so beautiful and I’m waiting for Izabelle’s journey! I hope she regains her health and when I first looked at her, it’s like I’ve known her for a long time already or I’ve seen cats who looks like her. I don’t know which is which but still.. she’s so beautiful and she captures hearts. ❤

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