Today’s To Do✨

Good morning all💛 

Yesterday I got many of my tasks complete but I still wasn’t able to complete them all… but no worries because a certain cutie is the reason for it all, she was very much worth it. I will be giving her full introduction tomorrow for Fun Friday. Stay tuned😻

Today I’m going to finish up what was left from yesterday and spend more time with my new baby💖 so if I’m not as active with reading and commenting that is the only reason why. This girl needs a lot of care and attention right now to gain her health back. All of this info will be included in the introduction tomorrow.

Today’s To Do:

✔️ Finish and post Sunshine Blogger Award

🌸 Upload YouTube video for guinea pig channel

✔️ Read/Comment on other blog posts. I’m really behind now. (Slowly catching up)

🌸 Read a few chapters of book

✔️ Watch The Real (talk show)

✔️ Show pictures of baby shower pin I made (Just made a whole post☺️)

🌸 Clean kitchen floor (guinea pig area, they were moved to another room until we’re ready to build their c&c cage)

🌸 Call vet

🌸 Brainstorm post ideas

✔️ Draft Fun Friday post. Prepare lots of pictures☺️

🌸 Work on putting my tag/challenge all together, image, & finishing touches

What are your plans for the day?

Also, I would love it if you can help me decide on 2 names. I’d really appreciate your opinions. Let me know in the comments which name you like better (Izabelle, or Izellah)

Each has a beautiful meaning that would fit perfect for her. Izabelle means “God is my vow” Izellah means “little princess”

Here is a little peek:

13 thoughts on “Today’s To Do✨

  1. Izabella! What a precious name for such a precious sweetheart 😻 I’m guessing those are the possible names for your kitty, let me know if I’m wrong, lol. My plans are to tidy up my room a bit, do some more yoga, and hopefully catch up on some schoolwork I need to get around to for this week 🙂


    1. Yes those are the possible names☺️ I had a few others but narrowed it down to the 2. I hope you’re able to get through all your plans✨


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