Today’s To Do✨

Good morning everyone! I’m glad to say that I was able to complete yesterday’s do list!✨ 

There was one thing that had to be postponed until today… ugh! Hoping for the best… You all don’t even understand how serious I am about this situation. Or how serious the situation is in general.

Anyway, I’m going to find something to eat so I can get a little energy and I’ll be back with my list.

15 minutes later…

Today’s To Do:

🌸 Finish Sunshine Blogger Award and post. (Only have my questions to ask and nominees, which honestly seems to get harder each time. I like nominating new blogs)

✔️ Work on my tag/challenge. I’m hoping to have this finished by Friday and to be posted on Monday.

✔️ Continue planning for May

✔️ Read a few chapters (currently doing at 11:07 PM, I need to fix this timing lol I’m always reading at 11)

✔️ Watch The Real (talk show)

🌸 Today is a YouTube day. I have videos to watch and I need to upload to my guinea pigs channel. (Did not yet upload, filming✔️)

✔️ Go through photo albums on phone, delete any unneeded.

✔️ Spot clean guinea pigs area. (This is something you have to do every day if you own piggies)

✔️ See if the adoption is clear so we can bring a new addition to the family home. If all is clear, tend to her health needs immediately. (Great news! All went well. I will be introducing our new member soon💖)

🌸 Read blog posts and comments

✔️ Brainstorm for Fun Friday 

✔️ Drop off baby shower pin/corsage to cousin. (Decided I will post pictures tomorrow)

✔️ Sweep bathroom floor

✔️ Post to Instagram & Twitter

🌸 Take time to relax on the balcony if weather is nice

I think that’s it for today. As always, if I forgot something or something comes up I will add it to the list.

What are your plans for today? Comment below.💕


5 thoughts on “Today’s To Do✨

    1. Yes you should try it out it’s really helpful to me, giving me more motivation to complete tasks and I won’t leave anything out or forget anything because it’s written down. Also gives you something to blog about every day☺️ especially on days where you’re having writers block

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  1. This is a good to do list. Everything is clear and there’s enough tasks, but not too much that it’s overwhelming. Hopefully you got/get through all or most of them! I know I have tagged you a lot, but I thought you would like the smile tag. So I have tagged you and don’t feel any obligation to play along 🙂


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