Today’s To Do✨

Good morning all! Yesterday my goal was to complete my to do list. Unfortunately I did not. But on the bright side, there was only 1 thing out of  16 that I did not complete. Which will be number one on my list today, so let’s get to it!

Today’s To Do:

✔️ Work on Sunshine Blogger Award and Blue Sky Tag (should be posted by Wednesday) *just the Sunshine Blogger Award left)

✔️ Wash Dishes

✔️ Clean living room

✔️ Try out fruit smoothie with kale + pictures for future blog post (yummy!)

✔️ Watch The Real (talk show)

✔️ Read/Comment on other blogs and reply to my comments (currently doing at 11:04 PM)

✔️ Film for YouTube (upload today or Wednesday)

✔️ Post to Instagram and Twitter

✔️ Read a few chapters of book currently reading

✔️ Prepare for possible new addition to family, including shopping and setting up new area in apartment(pet adoption; also my “project” I talked about. More like a mission) Can you guess what the new addition might be? There will be a post if all goes well. *Have to wait another day due to possible illness, I hope we get the clear tomorrow*

🌸 Drop off baby shower pin/corsage to cousin (today or tomorrow) and show you all the finished look.

✔️ Continue working on my tag

✔️ Continue planning for May

I think those are my main plans for the day. If anything changes or is added I will update as always. What are your plans for today? Can you guess what new addition might be coming to my family? Comment below✨


14 thoughts on “Today’s To Do✨

    1. lol yeah it’s actually been helping a lot. My plans usually aren’t anything extravagant but ah well☺️
      POSSIBLE kitten aha! Really hoping all goes well with the adoption. LOL I have a few names picked out but Cheila and Belinda would be lovely, Belinda means beautiful 💕☺️

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