10 Reasons Why I Might Follow Your Blog✨

Hey everyone! Today has been very busy for me but I’m still working on my to do list and I really wanted… to do this lol. So, here are my top 10 reasons why I may follow you…

1. You have a nice name/picture. Chances are, if your picture is blank or your name is something I can’t read or understand I won’t follow you.

2. You post regularly. If I’m going to follow a blog, I’m looking for consistency in the dates posted.

3. Your blog looks nice and organized. Not plain, or hard to navigate through. I can clearly see the follow button on mobile device. Variety of topics. Great design etc 

4. You engage with your readers and others you follow. This is a big one so make sure you’re not only engaging with me, but other bloggers you follow and who comment to you also.

5. Your posts are interesting. Not all based on facts, there’s some honesty and personality that can be seen through your writing.

6. You are kind to your followers and blog community. Again this is another big one. Just the other night I saw a terrible post someone made because they were angry that no one was liking or commenting on their posts (that if I’m going to be honest weren’t all that great to begin with) This persons words were so foul that I had to unfollow.

7. You have Social media platforms I can also follow you on.

8. I see your name often in awards/tags. If I am constantly seeing that you are nominated for awards or to do tags, there’s a high chance of me checking out and following your blog.

9. You use pictures. Now pictures aren’t a must, but if you never use them I probably won’t follow you. Sorry😕

10. Your blog is about positivity and inspiration☺️ there’s a high chance of me following you if your blog spreads positivity in any way✨

I hope you all enjoyed this list. What are some reasons you might follow someone’s blog? Leave a comment below.


65 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why I Might Follow Your Blog✨

  1. The last point is a bit of tough. I have to scratch my time. Picture time is most difficult option for me. 🙂

    I hope I get followed and interacted by you.

    BTW great advice on bringing the variety to blog, will look into it.

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  2. These are all similar reasons to why I will hit that follow button too! Being active in the community is a big one, I like getting to know you and and your blog! Also, positivity and pictures. I love pictures in a blog! It just makes it much more visually appealing, and breaks up the words 🙂

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  3. I can relate to a lot of the reasons. I also look for something different. I like people who are unique, and good writing skills. Some posts I see, don’t even use paragraphs! Or the writing is hard to follow with no headlines. Little things can make a big difference.

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  4. you’re so right with these! These are the same things I look out for – ease navigating through blogs for example is a MUST!! and definitely people who are positive and nice to their followers and the rest of the community!! ❤

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    1. Definitely a must! Sometimes I want to follow a blog so bad but their design keeps it hard for me to find where I can easily follow. I don’t want to search or subscribe through email. Especially on mobile, sometimes those designs aren’t opted best for mobile devices

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  5. This is an epic list – very much like the one I go by myself! The most important thing to me is that someone responds to comments – both the ones I leave on their posts, as well as their other readers’ comments. Having conversations and getting to know everyone is such an important aspect of blogging!

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    1. Exactly that’s a very important detail. Even when you don’t have time to comment or reply back to every single one, making sure to take the time to do a few a day can still help a lot

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  6. Aha! Do these are things I need to do asap!😃 I find it hard to blog everyday- so I stick to blogging every week. And pictures- I love them too so that’s in! I’m not there on much social media platforms and 👎🏻 !
    BUT I’m all about Productivity and organisation in life-so you might find some positivity on my blog! And I do engage with my blog family!❤️
    Hopefully, you’ll follow☺️

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    1. You definitely don’t have to blog every day, blogging every week is good too. It’s just when people have those weeks and monthly gaps between posting that probably won’t be followed. But I’ve followed☺️

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  7. What a great post! I hadn’t even thought about the social media thing. I’m pretty new at the blogging thing, having only been on WordPress since March so it’s great to get some tips from someone who knows the ropes. Thanks for the follow…you just made my day.

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    1. No problem☺️ and as long as you’re consistent and interacting with other bloggers you’ll be just fine, those are the main things. And then you can focus on the other things like what type of pictures you’ll use, what social media platform will be best for you etc

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  8. Great post! And thanks for the follow! I agree with all of your points and I would also add that I have a heard time keeping up with a blog if all of the posts are long ones. I think IG can help with that, tho. I like following people on both, because some bloggers are REALLY funny on IG. 😊

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    1. Thanks for reading☺️ Yeah sometimes it’s hard reading long posts all the time especially if they aren’t broken up into paragraphs! Definitely give ig a try


  9. Interesting post! Although, it’s hard to find personal blogs on wordpress.All I see when I search #blog, #teenager, #tips is not what I’m looking for..Lots of scientific articles, shop-websites and other stuff like that., 😦

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    1. I agree it is hard to find blogs or posts you’re looking for. I jus try to pay attention to those that are in awards often or that I see constantly interacting when I’m looking for new bloggers to follow


  10. Reblogged this on and commented:

    After having a little more experience blogging I’ll have to do an updated version of this list, and add more detail💙


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