Today’s To Do✨

It’s May! Can you believe it? We’re almost halfway through 2017 already! Are we having so much fun that time is flying by so fast? Or are we just so busy and focused on everything else that we don’t even have time to keep up with time?🤔

I thought I would start the first of May by doing another to do list. Last time I did this it really helped motivate me to complete and check off each task. I didn’t complete everything that day but I got the majority, and honestly I probably wouldn’t have done nearly as much if I hadn’t posted lol. Today my goal is to complete this list.

Today’s To Do:

✔️ Read book (currently doing at 11:20 PM)

✔️ Read/comment on some blogs 

✔️ Watch The Real (talk show)

✔️ Go to Hobby Lobby 

✔️ Finish baby shower pin/corsage

✔️ Start new project (this “project” came to me out of nowhere but it is very special. I will let you all know more details later, if all goes as planned)

✔️ Post to Instagram

✔️ Post a Twitter poll

🌸 If friend comes over talk with her (I was so busy today so she didn’t come)

✔️ Wash and style hair

✔️ Start planning for May

✔️ 10 Reasons post

✔️ Work on my tag (almost finished with the details)

🌸 Work on Sunshine Blogger Award and Blue Sky Tag (should be posted by Wednesday)

✔️ Clean kitchen/Guinea pigs area

✔️ Organize closets 

Let me know in the comments what your plans are for today or May in general✨


26 thoughts on “Today’s To Do✨

      1. Yeah I do love watching my girls lol, have you ever seen the talk show Tyra Banks had a few years ago, I loved it she went in a whole new direction with that show, it was never depressing like some of the other talk shows, if you haven’t give it a try you may like it 😊

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      2. I’ve heard about it! Never watched it though. I wasn’t really into talk shows back then lol. I just started watching the real daily about a year ago. My sister showed me an episode a while back and I really liked it but had forgotten about it

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  1. Awesome list! The two main things I’m wanting to today (and throughout May) is to continue working on my Spanish, as well as reading books for a book challenge I’ll be talking about on my blog tomorrow. 🙂 💕

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      1. Great! I’ve memorized a lot of words through the app Memrise; it has helped me so much with remembering difficult phrases and such. And the best part is that the app is free! 😀

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