Inspiration of the day✨

Ahh, life like a fairytale. Wouldn’t it be nice? It’s easy to get lost in our own minds, wanting to escape the harsh realities in life. But too much of anything can be harmful and sometimes we need to snap out of this fantasy we’ve created. Having your head stuck in fairytales and Lala land can become dangerous in the real world where things work a little differently. Identify what you’re trying to avoid or escape from, and figure out why you’re trying to avoid it in the first place. If you’re not Cinderella, you definitely should not be out wandering at midnight losing shoes lol, chances are you aren’t leaving your true love to get back home before your evil step mother and sisters. Something else is going on there. Instead of relying on drugs/alcohol, or trapping yourself in your own mind, find ways to escape within reality such as sports, blogging, photography, designing, or music.✨

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