Short Story Saturday!

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Names for this story: (twin sisters)



Some of the quotes I came up with for this story:

“If the inside is repulsive, the outside is fruitless/useless.”

“True beauty comes from within. Smile, it’s more attractive that a frown and will make you feel so much better on the inside and out. Love others but also love yourself. Be confident. Not conceited. Be selfless, not selfish. And you will always hold that beauty.”

I messed up a few parts in the audio and also lost my place towards the end, I had to do a little improv lol. Sorry about the mess up, the story is a bit longer than the others. I will add the written draft shortly. For now, please listen to the audio and let me know in the comments what you think of this Saturday’s story, or the quotes I came up with.✨

Written draft added below:

It was April 29th, which marked another celebration, another birthday for the Blaire sisters. Twin sisters to be exact. Their birthday was April 30th and they were turning 18 years old so it was very special this year. Although they were twins, they were still very different. Marcella, the first born older by 5 minutes was always the outgoing sister. She was very confident some would even say conceited actually, obsessed with her looks and herself in general. The younger sister, Serafina was more shy and reserved. She wasn’t as confident as Marcella and often felt like she was living in her shadow. It was a bit strange to others that they were twins but completely opposite in many ways. Marcella was into makeup and fashion whereas makeup and designer clothing usually made Serafina feel uncomfortable, or even that she was trying too hard to be like her sister. On junior prom, their parents and other students even “complimented” her several times about how she was starting to be ‘more like Ella’

Their parents ask them to sleep in the basement because they had a very special surprise for them that they wanted to be kept secret, and have ready in the morning.

Marcella: The basement? Do we really have to? I don’t get much signal down there and it gets way too cold.

Ella asks in a whiny tone.

“Do you want your gift in the morning or not? I know you’ll really love it.” Their mother responds.

Marcella: Fineee. I hope you’re right and it’s worth it.

She said back sounding spoiled and ungrateful.

“Sera, you’re okay with this right?” Their father asks.

Serafina: Yeah I don’t mind, it’s just one night.

Marcella: She doesn’t care about anything of course she would say that.

Marcella says jokingly.

Later that night…

Marcella: I hope it’s a car, or like a really expensive bag, or jewelry. But I really think it’s a car.

Serafina: What makes you think it’s a car? They didn’t get us one for our 16th birthday and you thought so then too.

Marcella: Well we’ll be graduating soon going off to college, they know we need one. And the fact that they’re making us sleep in the basement so we can’t see the garage and driveway area. Oh and just because I’ve been dropping hints.

Serafina: You’ve been dropping hints about a lot of things.”

Marcella: Oh whatever Debby. Let’s just get some sleep so we can get this night over with and see what it is. I miss my bed already but if I’m driving myself to school tomorrow it’s all worth it.

Serafina: Goodnight.

Marcella: Night Debby. I love you.

Serafina: Love you too.

The next morning the girls wake at the sound of the basement door opening and their fathers heavy footsteps, followed by their mothers heels clicking on the kitchen floor before coming down the basement stairs.

“Morning girls! Happy birthday! Get up it’s time to get ready for school aren’t you excited”

Marcella: No. We still have 30 minutes before the alarm shuts off.

Says Marcella, with that same whining tone.

“Well I’m sure you’ll appreciate the extra 30 mins to get ready this morning, come on. Get up like your father said.”

Marcella: Fineee.

Serafina: Morning mom. Morning dad.

Dad: Morning Sera, happy birthday hunny.

Serafina: Thank you.

When they get upstairs their mother tells them to go into their bedrooms to see their surprise. They did as they were told.

Marcella was of course thinking maybe they put the car keys in the bedrooms so they wouldn’t easily suspect it. Serafina didn’t really have any ideas, she didn’t really care actually. She would be okay with whatever they got but a car? Definitely not a car.

Marcella: You got us vanity mirrors? How cute! Not a car but still, cute. Thanks!

Serafina: I told you it wasn’t a car!

Sera teased.

“But thanks! I love it, really.”

She actually didn’t love it that much.

Marcella was already looking at herself in hers…

Marcella: Woah. Okay I gotta go take a shower and get ready. I look a mess.

“What are you talking about hunny you look fine. A few eye boogers in the morning doesn’t take away your beauty.”

Marcella: Yeah, its more than eye boogers dad. I’m taking a shower now. Thanks again!

Their parents hug them both and head off to work.


After their showers they each go into their bedrooms, pick out their best outfits, they get dressed, and sit down at their mirror.

As we know, Serafina isn’t really all that into makeup and fashion, she doesn’t want to be compared to her sister but she does sometimes wish she was the “prettier twin” whatever that is.

She looks into the mirror, staring hard at her imperfections as she fixes her hair.

Serafina: If only I were the prettier twin…Maybe I’ll wear a little makeup today.

She says to herself.

She reaches for her small makeup bag and grabs some mascara and a light pink lip gloss. It always gave the right amount of color without looking over the top, just how she liked it. Or was comfortable with at least.

When she looks back into the mirror she notices each of her imperfections or what she thought to be imperfections, her eyes, her nose, and forehead seem to be much larger than before, and she appears to be very distressed and afraid.

The girl she is looking at is banging on the mirror from the inside and shouting-

Let me out!

Why have you trapped me?

Why do you keep doing this to me?

Set us free or we both perish in misery, I am you and you are I Sera!

Set us free!

Serafina: How!? How did I trap you what is this??

Sera shouts back.

Serafina: I must be losing my mind. I, I must have waken up too early, i’m still tired or I’m still dreaming.

She squeezes her eyes shut tight for a moment and then opens them again

The distressed girl is still in the mirror staring at her, crying.

She says to Sera,

“You don’t see the Beauty, that’s the problem. You’re focused on the wrong things and have become so blind. I thought maybe you could see the beauty in me since i can’t myself. But I am you and you are I.”

Serafina: That doesn’t make any sense. That’s not a proper sentence, I don’t understand.

“You’re only looking at yourself Sera…Is this really what you think of me?”

Sera puts her hands up in front of the mirror to see if the reflection follows her movements, and it did. She then feels her face, she starts with her forehead, then her eyes, she goes down to her nose, and notices the reflection isn’t following, and everything feels small. Nothing like what she saw in the mirror…

The reflection starts to fade away, and Sera’s true image reappears…


Meanwhile, Marcella couldn’t wait to sit down at her vanity and apply her makeup.

She was ready to look her best and the best on her day. She had already brought all of her makeup over and spread it out in the little table. Her phone vibrates and she quickly checks the message, from a guy on the track team at their school.

The text reads:

Damn Happy birthday sexy! I know you gon’ be lookin good today”

She replies, with asking “when am I not? And thank you”

When she sits her phone down and looks back into the mirror she notices she still looks the same as she did before taking a shower. A mess as she had said.

She had bags under her eyes, wrinkles all over her face, and few pimples that she definitely didn’t notice before, but she appeared to be very angry and wicked like..

She quickly started to apply her makeup trying to fix whatever she was looking at. She had never seen herself this way before. She thought to herself,

It must be because I didn’t get that extra 30 mins of sleep. Didn’t even get a car. Now look what happened. The bags under my eyes are carrying all of that rest I needed.

But then, red letters are written on the mirror appearing to be in lipstick… Only Marcella isn’t writing it and no one else is in the room with her.

“If the inside is repulsive, the outside is fruitless.” The words read.

She became very frightful of this.

Marcella: Wth! Why is my mirror talking about fruit? I don’t understand.

“Useless”, it now reads.

She tries very hard to erase the words off of the mirror but it wouldn’t come off, the lipstick wouldn’t even smear. So then she thought maybe its electronic

She looks behind it to see if there’s a spot for batteries or a cord-


She looks back into the mirror and sees that all of the makeup she applied only made her look like a clown, or even a witch. An evil clown witch, still smiling wickedly at her.

She then says, “All the makeup in the world couldn’t enhance all of that ugliness inside. We’re so conceited, selfish, and wicked aren’t we Marcella? Don’t we look- Sexy?”

Marcella runs out of her room. Sera must have ran out at the same time because they run into each other in the hall and Marcella says,

“Those vanity mirrors are crazy!”

Serafina: A girl was in yours too?

Marcella: Not just a girl, more like some ugly evil looking creature! I don’t know what the hell it is but it wasn’t me!

Serafina: I think the mirrors are trying to show us that what we think of ourselves can have a very negative impact on what we really see in life. And how others may see us.

Marcella: I don’t see myself as a conceited witch thank you very much. What kind of mirror has the ability to do that, do you even hear yourself?

Serafina: Like I said, how others may see us. And I guess a vanity mirror can…

They each decide not to go back to their vanity until after school. To see if anything changes. Marcella wipes off all the makeup and wears just her natural beauty. They decide to focus less on their appearance and more on each other and making their lives better to see if that makes a true difference. And it did.

When they return back home after school and hanging with a few friends they look into their mirror and for the first time ever they both feel beautiful, happy, and selfless..

Both of their reflections in the mirror say to them,

“True beauty comes from within. Smile, it’s more attractive that a frown and will make you feel so much better on the inside and out. Love others but also love yourself. Be confident. Not conceited. Be selfless, not selfish. And you will always hold that beauty.”

Marcella and Sera both smile and think to themselves,

“Please just get us a car next year.”

From then on out, Sera accepts all of her natural beauty for what it is and doesn’t compare it to her sister or others. She realizes she can’t be so isolated and afraid to try new things all the time so she learns to step out of her comfort zone more.

Marcella realizes she has put too much focus on her appearance and trying to always be better than everyone else that she neglected the inside. Her heart, soul, and personality. She has learned to be kinder, more grateful and less focused on just being at the top of pretty.


6 thoughts on “Short Story Saturday!

    1. Wow I actually had never heard of Dorian Gray, I just had to Google him and see that it’s a movie lol, I love that their story uses a portrait, nice! Thank you soo much💖

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray’ is actually a classic book by Oscar Wilde. I could never get into the movie adaptation. It is one of the very few classics that I actually love. And you’re most welcome 🙂


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