Today’s To Do✨

✔️ Fun Friday Post

✔️ Watch “The Real” talk show (this is a Monday-Friday thing lol. These ladies are fun to watch and always have interesting topics)

✔️ Read/Comment on blogs

✔️ Inspiration of the day post

🌸 Read book

🌸 Introduce a tag I’ve created (still working on, so may be introduced next week instead.)

🌸 The Blue Sky Tag, & Sunshine Blogger Award (If I have time today. If not, will be doing them next week.)

✔️ Work on Short Story Saturday

✔️ Clean kitchen

✔️ Clean bathroom

✔️ Wash clothes, towels, and guinea pigs cuddle cups

✔️ Film guinea pigs for YouTube video

✔️ Pet shop to buy more hay for guinea pigs and shop for items to build c&c cage

🌸 Walmart and Family Dollar for stuff for apartment

🌸 Finish baby shower corsage

I think that’s all I have for today, I’m sure something else will come up as usual. Can’t catch a break lol. Hopefully I get everything accomplished, I usually have more energy on Friday but right now I’m in the middle so we’ll see! Let me know in the comments what your plans are✨

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