Fun Friday #5

This post will have a lot of screenshot images.

Good morning all☀️

We’ve made it to Friday again which is my favorite blog day of the week- Happy Fun Friday!

This Friday I decided to show you all my favorite games to play on my phone when I’m bored. I have an iPhone but some of these I’ve also played on android. I’ve played many games from the app store and these are the ones that I’ve kept the longest:

Let’s get started with Emoji Blitz

Emoji Blitz is another matching game but what I like about this one, that sets it aside from others is that you play with Disney and Pixar characters as emojis. You can also play missions and challenges.

Every emoji is not available for you to play with, you have to earn them or buy with coins. Every time you play a game you earn coins, including missions and challenges. You can also win coins by spinning the wheel every day.

Here are some of the characters you can play with:

The characters are up to date!👍🏽💕 

Let’s see some game play:

Our next game is UNOFriends. We all know what uno is right? Lol. Well the game has a lot more to offer than the regular card game.

You can play quick play mode, tournaments or UNO Journey. Companions (pets) help you in game, each companion has a different ability. So far my favorite is the white tiger. When you have the white tiger selected, when ever you play a draw two, all other opponents draw a card.

Let’s take a look at UNO Journey:

So many levels! Let’s go in game:

One of the boosts you can have is a new hand boost, so if you get dealt a hand that sucks, get a new one!👍🏽

If you play a draw four card, this is what the other player will see. You can choose to draw 4 or take a chance and challenge the other player. If you choose yes and they do have a card matching the previous color, they will draw instead. If they do not have a card matching the previous color, you will have to draw 6. So many things keep this one interesting🙂

Our last game in the Arcade is Paradise Bay. A friend of mine actually introduced this game to me and I haven’t stopped playing since. I usually hate town and farm building games because everything takes too long to build and grow but in Paradise Bay it’s worth the wait.

You get your own island to build and grow as you wish and you can also visit friends islands. 

Each holiday and season you can play for special prizes and pets. For the month of April you can play for baby chicks and an Easter basket with a cute bunny!


Unlock and discover other lands and trade goods.

Shop the world market where you can also earn coins by selling goods.

There’s so many ways to earn coins in this game unlike others👍🏽

There is even a pet sanctuary! You can collect pet stickers by completed certain trades to earn these pets:

Looks like I have enough stickers to adopt the striped tapir! Let’s add it to our island💙

Pets are also active when you tap them. Feed your pets for coins and goods like axes to chop down dead plants. 

Other games I enjoy:

I removed these games only because I needed more storage space on my phone. Fun Run is a cute racing game where you can race people from around the world or with your own friends, there are different boards to play and you can customize your character👍🏽 

I love Lep’s World because it reminds me so much of Mario! I like all the versions of this game but 3 is my favorite. Lep’s world also has a ton of worlds to play in!👍🏽

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s Fun Friday post.

Have you played any of these games before? Would you try any? What are your favorite games? Comments below✨


3 thoughts on “Fun Friday #5

  1. Do you believe me if I tell you I don’t play one single game on my phone? I never liked games much, not even as a child or teenager. I don’t know why but they make me bored.


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