Inspiration of the day✨

Hey all who is reading! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day and have been productive. I have a lot of comments and blogs to read and catch up on, which I’ll get to tomorrow and a few tonight. I haven’t been on much today because I was reading, watching movies on Netflix, and many other things other than blogging lol. I’ve had a chill day I guess you can say. Just some time to unwind and relax my mind:)

But on with the inspiration. Our inspiration today focuses on mistakes…

I believe in this first quote not because we won’t live long enough to make them all ourselves, but because it’s true that we’re not going to experience every situation in life, even the ones we do experience, it’s still good to learn from others. If you’re a person that’s very observant, you know that paying attention to others actions and the consequences they face allows you to see it first hand and not make the same mistake. 

If Elizabeth and Myra spot a beautiful field of flowers, and Elizabeth goes into the field getting stung by several bees, Myra should know better than to go into the field also.

🌼🌸 🐝 

If a friend of yours gets into a bad car accident while street racing, or busted by the police, you should know not to speed or race…Or at least not race in that same area right?🙃

Those are just a couple of examples. I’m sure you can think of many you’ve already learned from in your own life. If you want, leave a comment about a time you learned from someone else’s mistake.

Here are a few other quotes I like:

We still love ourselves even after making so many mistakes. So how can we hate others for their single mistake?

8 thoughts on “Inspiration of the day✨

  1. I needed the reminder that mistakes aren’t failures, they aren’t flaws, and don’t make me a bad person; as long as I’m using them to better myself and being careful not to make them again, I’m on the right track.

    Thank you, Lee! Very insightful.

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  2. I love the quotes, so much truth in there. I believe we all make mistakes and that we should be good at forgiving both ourselves and others! Also, a mistake is not a failure. It’s a lesson and just a little obstacle. We can always learn from it and try to move on and make things right, if we can!

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