Inspiration of the day✨

So far we’ve had a lot of deep inspiring quotes to recognize. These next few days I want to share some funnier quotes because those exist too🙂 and I think you’ll enjoy them.

So let’s all give a warm welcome to the first inspirational, funny quote of the day…


So let’s talk about how real this is. We all know that the real quote is, you never know what you have until it’s gone but this is just as true! I can’t even count how many times I’ve decided to clean up a certain room or area and find something I forgot I ever owned, I’ve found things I don’t remember owning before😂 Things that I thought I would never find again and had given up hope on are sometimes found weeks/months later during a cleaning spree. 

And look, it’s spring so what better time to start cleaning?! So go ahead, engage in some spring cleaning and find some misplaced or hidden treasures☺️

Leave a comment about a time you’ve found something while cleaning.


12 thoughts on “Inspiration of the day✨

  1. I once found an old large cardboard fairytale book that I used to use to make a den from the large pages when I was little (they had to be sellotaped back together 😂) I treasure it now! Im missing so many things so hope to find most of them the next time I tidy my room 😂 great post 💗

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  2. ahhh THIS!! PREACH!! I literally went for so long thinking I didn’t have any clothes to wear so kept going shopping but I did a spring clean recently and literally I had FOUND SO MANY CLOTHES that I completely forgot I had and I could’ve spent all year wearing them haha!! SO annoying lol!! xxx


  3. Haha this sounds terrible but I secretly always thought my friend accidently took one of my eyeshadow palettes. We were going through each others makeup. A few months later I clean my room and under my bed I found it. What’s devastating is when you lose something and you believe if you tidy you will find it…and then you don’t!

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    1. Oh man that does sound terrible I hope it didn’t cause a problem in the friendship. I know what you mean about not finding songs when you think you will. It’s the worst drives me crazy

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  4. You never know what you have until… you move!! Shit comes out of everywhere! Sometimes I find clothes that I had forgotten I had and I’m like “this is so cute!!!” lol Maybe I have too much

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