Inspiration of the day✨

Today I have two quotes that I found on Pinterest. If you can see the header image you can guess that it’s going to be about family❤️

It doesn’t matter how big or fancy your living situation is, if you’re with a loving family and everyone is working together- that’s bigger than anything. Ask yourself, If the walls in your home could talk what secrets would they tell?

No matter where you are or where you go, regardless if you argue or fight family is always family. A friend isn’t always a friend… A relationship doesn’t always last. Family is forever. Take care of each other, support each other, tell them you love them because you won’t always get that chance. Everyone can be different and choose different paths but you share the same roots, you’ll always be connected. Don’t take family for granted, not everyone can say they have a loving home or come from strong healthy roots.

Take this time to forgive someone who has hurt you whether it was a silly argument or something more serious. You don’t have to do it for them, forgive them for yourself and everything else can follow. Take this time to let your mom, dad, sister, brother or anyone in your family that you love them. A great conversation or connection may follow, you never know. What you do know is that you won’t regret not telling them, if it were the last time.

Don’t let your family tree die, help to keep it alive and growing.



30 thoughts on “Inspiration of the day✨

  1. This is such a positive post, I love it and it’s exactly what I needed today!! Family is everything, I couldn’t agree more! I’m so happy I’ve found your blog and I can’t wait to read more 🙂 xxx

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  2. Reblogged this on La Petit Muse and commented:
    Lee reminds us why the family is ever so important, something that we need to be reminded about on a daily basis. Never take your family for granted no matter what!

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    1. Family is a beautiful thing to hold onto. When friends and everyone else get the chance to walk out, who do we look to? ❤
      I’ve also tagged you in a challenge:)


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