Inspiration of the day✨

It starts with you.

Yesterday I finally watched 13 Reasons Why. I had been wanting to check it out since I heard so many great reviews and I’m glad I did. If you read and listened to my Saturday story, you’ll know why this goes along.. It was so strange that I woke up yesterday morning deciding to share that story with you all, and then I started seeing/hearing more about the show (blog posts, my bfs mom asked me if I had seen it yet and that I should..) 

When I watched the first episode I couldn’t stop, you’ll really get deep into it and it will make you think about a lot of things. This isn’t a review on the show, but I would definitely recommend checking it out. I will say some of the scenes (and it warns you of this also) are extremely hard to watch, but once again this isn’t a review so I won’t get into that…So that’s what the majority of my Saturday consisted of. I finished the last episode around 11 PM and I really couldn’t stop thinking about it ever since, I’ll probably watch again to see if I missed any details and they definitely need to have a season 2.

For today’s inspiration I just wanted to say that we all need to take responsibility of our own actions… Stop placing the blame on everyone else and realize that maybe everyone plays a part, including yourself. We all make mistakes and poor choices in life but be mindful of what you say and do. We all know the famous quote, treat others how you want to be treated. You may think your words or something you did was no big deal, but you don’t know how it was to that other person. If someone disrespects you in some way you’d be upset also. It’s always funny and “not that serious” when it’s not us. That’s where things need to change. We can keep talking about it but lets start practicing what we preach! Even if you aren’t preaching still be respectful, have some compassion, and help someone when you can. We often fail to act when we know we should. We see something and look the other way. Why is that? Please answer in the comments, I’m curious to know what everyone thinks. 

Situations like these can often determine a persons true character. Remember that it’s what you do or don’t do that matters. I say this often because it’s so true and can apply to different situations in life. Have you ever heard of guilty by association? Have you ever heard of an accomplice? Have you ever heard of a bystander? If you see a bully picking on someone and you just watch, you’re just as guilty as the bully.

So again, everyone’s actions matter. Everyone needs to take responsibility and think about how their words and actions may impact others lives. If you continue to place the blame on everyone else you’ll always be disappointed, waiting for everyone else to change when you could change and better yourself and then focus on how to change the world. It starts with you, and ends with us.


11 thoughts on “Inspiration of the day✨

  1. I loved reading this post. I haven’t actually watched 13 reasons why, but my best friend was telling me about it. Unfortunately people can be selfish. I think that’s why they turn a blind eye or look the other way. It’s easier to walk by then it is to include yourself. We do need to take responsibility and honestly I am very sarcastic. I’m learning that not everyone will understand or get my sense of humour.

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    1. I agree on that reason, I know some people take minding their own business to the extreme, that if it isn’t them it doesn’t matter. I think some people also just might not like any type of confrontation at all. But we have to learn to put that aside sometimes

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