Fun Friday “Find It Edition” Answers (Kitchen)

Everything you should be looking for is circled. The trash bags are at the bottom next to the Tide (an item that did not belong.)

Let’s zoom in on some other parts.

Here we see the bra that everyone seems to have found lol, the salt and pepper, the peanut butter, 2 tooth brushes,the white truck, and a yellow highlighter. The heater should also be circled.

Here we have the toaster, paper towel roll, “golden pink journal” and “blog” which is written on the white board.

An overall view of the items that did not belong. Let’s zoom in again.

Japanese Cherry Blossom body lotion from Bath and Body Works☺️🌺

You can also see the top of the pink highlighter next to it.

Hope all that participated enjoyed playing.✨


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