For My Friend…✨(Cancer, leave her alone!)

I’m doing this post tied along with the inspiration of the day because I believe this post will definitely be inspiring. I don’t know what everyone’s beliefs are, or what everyone’s religion is so please disregard that. It’s not the purpose of this post. 

A very good friend of mine is dealing with a difficult time in life at the moment. Her mother is battling cancer, and she’s already lost her father a long while ago. As I was speaking with her today she mentioned that her mother is now weighing 86lbs. She’s having trouble eating because she’s in so much pain, so doctors are thinking about putting a tube in her so that she can get food right to her stomach. This could mean possibly having to do treatment all over again, but they are afraid if they do that… it may shorten her life instead of keeping it longer.

Another story that yet again has touched me. This time, I put myself in my friends shoes and wrote this poem for her. I sent it to her immediately (I wrote it in about 20 minutes) and she loved it. It touched her like I hoped it would, and she said she couldn’t ask for better friends than the ones she has. This made me feel so good inside! I hope I can continue to encourage and inspire her to stay strong. It hurts so much to see my friend down and dealing with this. She’s such a kind person with an amazing heart, but like most of us that fit that description she seems to have gone through the most heartache.

Please send your thoughts and prayers for my friend and her family through this difficult time.✨

Here is the poem I wrote:

If I could take her pain away

Half of mine would probably fade,

My distressed mind would soon be sane… but those are just what ifs.

I couldn’t stand to see a days wake without first seeing her smiling face.

Where will I go if heaven shall take?

How can I handle more pain,

Loneliness and emptiness in my heart?

I know she’d want me to be strong,

and to hold on.

I know I’ll have another angel watching over me-

But what if I can’t feel her presence?

I’m already so close to letting go

I just want her to be stronger

Cancer, leave her alone.

I need her here a little longer,

But I know it’s only vain to say

when you don’t care about your victims. 

I feel as if I am even threatened.

God please answer my prayers

For a miracle as such 

I’d drop to my knees 

Rejoice and sing!

I know you mean well.
You know what’s best and make no mistakes,

But cancer has mistakenly chosen my mother and I am losing hope

Almost as if it’s killing us both.

It’s not vain to know you have the last say, so I’ll keep faith

I’ll keep praying

God please don’t let cancer take my mother away.
At least not so soon 

I don’t know what I’d do.

But I have to trust in your plan and know that

This too shall pass…

As with life

When the sky brings night,

The sun too

Always shines again.


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