Frustration (Inspiration of the day✨)

2:30 AM

I’m sitting here with so much frustration

I can’t sleep and I can’t think straight

My mind is all over the place

I wish I was calm and relaxed 

Hopefully in the morning I’ll wake up happier than tonight.

 I feel like a mad woman sometimes 

All crazy in the head 

Why can’t I just turn these thoughts and feelings off, not even for a few hours?

I just want to be dreaming


It feels like it’s been about 10 minutes.. But it’s only been 3.

I must be tired

Am I now fighting my sleep?

I must try one more time

Close my eyes…

If I don’t return tonight… nothing more to say until morning

I wrote this last night, as it says, at 2 in the morning. Last night for some reason I was just so irritated and everything was bothering me. This kept me up all night. I kept trying to force myself to sleep, laying in the dark, everything off. That wasn’t working because my thoughts were still on and they’re always loudest at night- it seems.

I tried sitting on the balcony, watching some YouTube videos, it Just seemed like nothing could clear my head and calm me enough to sleep. I basically had a small temper tantrum at this point because I could not sleep. I slammed the bedroom door when I came back in, and threw the remote control off of the bed…

Seriously, what the heck was I going through😐😐😐

Eventually I decided I should just read, (I searched a few things on Google as usual) and then I read some blogs. That’s when I started to write the intro to this post, in my notes.

After a few minutes, I felt tired and calm. I closed my eyes and finally fell asleep. 

I did wake up this morning feeling much better, but I also felt silly because I was so upset for no particular reason, it was just small things in general. I let those little things get to me and cause me to have a fit, and lose sleep. Next time I’ll have to remind myself that the sun shines again. Next time I’ll know to try reading and writing first!

It is now 11:06 PM and I’m going to close this out, catch up on some unnecessary missed Z’s and enjoy this calm.

Sleep tight, don’t let frustration keep you up at night.😉

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7 thoughts on “Frustration (Inspiration of the day✨)

  1. I totally understand what you went through. It happens in life for no reason. All you need to do is find out what inspires you to keep moving forward and work towards it. I think everyone goes through this at times. I’m glad you feel better now.🙂

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  2. Love the poem and this is me! I always get insomnia at random times. I find just getting up and re focusing helps, but then I’m always like ahh…waking up in so and so hours…now this many hours and so forth! Reading definitely helps. I’m making a point of getting back into books!

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