Inspiration of the day✨

Have we all not heard this quote before, especially as writers? I believe it fits so well. 

Sometimes we get so stuck in the past that we can’t focus on what’s going on right now, or even moving forward in life. We get Comfortable where we are and any kind of negative change is intimidating. 

Have you ever been in a relationship that you couldn’t seem to move on from? Yet you wanted so badly for things to be better? Or have you ever been heartbroken, unable to let go of the feelings and memories?

Do you regret something from your past so much that it bothers you every day now or often enough? You wish you could go back in time and do or say that one thing differently, to make all the difference…

Make the difference when you actually can.

This goes for any difficult times you may have gone through or may be going through now. Don’t let it hold you back, don’t make yourself miserable by keeping yourself in that same place. The past is the only thing we have absolutely no control over and we can not change it. What’s done is done. 

At some point it’s time to turn the page. You can read the chapter once again to get a better understanding but to keep reading it over and over  will soon get boring, tiring, and stressful. Start a fresh chapter, your story isn’t over yet. You’re so hooked on the last chapter that you don’t even know there’s an epic climax and ending just waiting!

You don’t have to forget the past, but don’t make it your whole story. We’re supposed to read forward not backward☺️


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