Blog Updates!

Good morning everyone!

Today I have a few updates to share with you all starting with the daily inspiration posts, this is something I wanted to try out to see how it goes and so far it’s doing well! However, I will only continue it for a month. May 12th will be the last daily inspiration post but that doesn’t mean the inspiration in my posts will stop! It’s not easy searching for a great quote every day that does not sound similar to others so, I’d much rather post according to how I’m feeling and not feel obligated to do something specific every day.

More Updates and Series

  • I have started a YouTube channel for my guinea pigs- I want to start a personal channel but I figured I’d see how this goes first. That way I don’t waste time putting myself out there on video and then end up not liking it much. So for now, if you love animals please head over to PiggieVidi TV and subscribe! First full episode will be up before the day is over.
  • I will be active on social media again! (Instagram & Twitter) Follow if you haven’t already and I will be sure to follow back. Instagram Twitter
  • Fun Friday will continue! This Friday look forward to another apartment Find It game! This time we will use the kitchen.
  • I have been slowly re-designing my blog! Visit my site and stay tuned to see all the changes.
  • Those DIY projects are coming! Not just apartment decor either. We’re getting there slowly but surly. I’ve got a lot to show you all. I recently made a baby shower corsage for my cousin who is having twin boys soon! I’ll be sure to show you all the finished product when it’s complete.
  • Short Story Saturday’s! I think this series is going to be my favorite. Every Saturday (on audio) I will post a short story or tell a story. The stories will often be fiction but there will be some based on my own life. I will post the audio link in the post. Eventually this will be moved to YouTube or some other platform.
  • To kick it off, I’m going to post the first Short Story Saturday post today on a Monday! Think of this as an ad or trailer. This one is actually a poem I wrote a while back but still a story is told. Please listen in the link below. Let me know what you think and if you’ll be interested in these story series.

Beauty & Love (Short Story Saturday Audio)

Special thanks to this beautiful young lady for letting me use her picture for this a while ago. Find her on Instagram and twitter @AriannaModels




14 thoughts on “Blog Updates!

  1. Thank you for this update post. I followed you on Twitter and thank you for following me on Instagram. I followed back. Lee, I love what you’re doing with the blog. It’s stunning. Also, I love the short story. I’ll be looking forward to future stories.Take care. 🙂

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    1. I almost didn’t get to post my video to YouTube! It was so frustrating but I got it. It wasn’t how it was supposed to be but at least I finally got it to upload. Next time will be better I’m determined! And thanks for listening💖💖

      Liked by 1 person

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