Inspiration of the day✨

Everything takes time

You have gotta lose your pride

You have gotta lose your mind

Just to find your peace of mind

You have got to trust the signs

Everything will turn out fine

So ✨why aren’t you smiling?✨

Today’s inspiration comes from another song. This one is by Jhené Aiko, who happens to be one of my favorite female singers. Her music has inspired me in so many ways. I could name PLENTY of her songs that will mean something to you, yet it’s sad that she’s most known for the line “gotta eat the booty like groceries.” (Cringe)

This particular song, W.A.Y.S, I listen to any time I’m really feeling down and it always helps me get through whatever the situation is.

You may be going through a difficult time right now but know that in the end everything will be fine. All of what you’re going through serves a purpose- to teach you, help you mature and grow wiser, and to know yourself better. So smile through the good and the bad, and keep on going! Don’t let anything stop you or take your happiness away.

Listen to the song lyric video in the link below🤗

Jhené Aiko- W.A.Y.S🌼


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