Fun Friday #3

Hey everyone! Welcome back to my blog and happy fun Friday! My Friday is going to consist of catching up reading a lot of blogs, a book I’m currently reading, and a bit of grocery shopping later on.

For my lovely readers, I have another game for you all to play. 

This idea literally came out of no where but I thought it would be fun, and very different than what you normally see on WordPress. You all know that I’ve just moved into my first apartment and I’ve had so many creative ideas ever since!

So today’s fun Friday post is going to be a Find it/hidden objects game. Actually for this one, more like find what doesn’t belong. I love these kinds of games and I haven’t played them in a long time. I’m thinking of doing one more for next Friday if this goes well. I hope you all enjoy!

And please excuse the living room as our home is not complete and we haven’t gotten our furniture yet.

Find It: Apartment Edition (Living Room)

Find these 8 objects:

  • Water bottle 
  • Laptop
  • Phone
  • White car
  • iPhone charger
  • Remote
  • Vacuum
  • Bag of hot chips

Could you find all 8 objects? Let’s see if you can find a little more. 

Look for 3-4 objects in the same picture- that do not belong in the living room. These objects fit best in other rooms of the house. Comment your answers below✨

Feel free to zoom:)

Did you enjoy this game? Would you enjoy playing again with a different picture? Please let me know💖


14 thoughts on “Fun Friday #3

  1. Ha ha! This brought me back to my Where’s Waldo Days. It was kinda tough! Let’s see, the XTra laundry detergent? doesn’t belong in the living room. The pot in the basket should be in the kitchen. There. I did some! That was fun.

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    1. Yes the Xtra and pot definitely do not belong☺️ thanks for playing! I loved those where’s Waldo pictures lol even though I sometimes got frustrated if I couldn’t find him

      Liked by 1 person

  2. tough game! I instantly saw the red pot and detergent – my issue is that I’m not sure of what many of the other objects are^^ Congratulations to moving to a new place nevertheless!

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