Inspiration of the day✨

I found this picture online by someone asking for similar images with messages you could interpret. I do not know the name of the artist.

When I see this image, the pencil stands out on the crowd. All of the others have eraser heads and are surrounding the only different one. My interpretation is that the pencil top is trying to be different and be themselves in a world where everyone else is trying to be the same. The erasers represent those very people. They wonder why he is not an eraser like them, they want to erase his differences.

You don’t have to fit in with everyone else to be accepted or successful in life. Be yourself, stand out. There is nothing wrong with you for being different, you aren’t lost. You’re just on your own path. Everyone’s journey is different. We all have different obstacles, and slower/faster starts. Some of us may be on our journey on feet, in cars, or airplane. If your journey is a little slower or rougher, “on feet” you’ll get tired. If you’re a little more lucky, on your journey by car…you still have to stop for red lights, stop signs, and gas.

And of course… even the quickest way- an airplane can still crash and a flight can be delayed.

The point is no matter how different we are, or how different our paths may be, no one lives a perfect life and we’ll all have different obstacles to get through.

& remember, it’s how you get through that matters. Not when.

Have any of you seen this image before or where it actually came from? What would be your interpretation?


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