Fun Friday #2 Featuring Some of Your Blogs!☺️

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a great day and an even better weekend. I almost wasn’t able to publish this, or at least not as soon as I would have liked. I’ll explain, but first-

Today’s Fun Friday Post is these word search puzzles I’ve created online for you all to do. The first one is WordPress Blog Names where I included a few blog site names that I follow. If your name is not in this round don’t worry because it may be in the very next:) Also, not every word/name was included that I entered, I assume this is some sort of bug on the website and another that I tried- I tried a few to find the best one for you all to play!

Word Search #1 (WordPress Blog Names)

wordsearchnamesYou can do the search this way looking at the picture or saving it to your device, or by clicking this link. As I said before, I believe there is a glitch or bug with the actual website so all of the words may not be listed. Let me know if all of the words in the image above are also in the link if you try.

Word Search #2 (WordPress Terms)

BlogThemesHere is the link for this search: Blog Terms

I hope you all enjoy this week’s Fun Friday post and participate in the word search! Let me know if you found them all, was it a bit hard or easy and quick to find? Is your blog one that was featured in #1?

Is this something you would be interested in seeing on my blog again? Comment below.💖

Want to create your own Word Search? Check out these links:
*While I was making this post on my laptop, the wifi decided to be a (insert insult here) and disconnect😒 so I had to switch over to mobile, thank you automatic saving! I couldn’t find the draft at first and almost freaked out, I definitely didn’t want to have to create everything all over again. I felt the frustration coming on strong but decided I could wait a few more minutes and that if I couldn’t find the draft, at least it would still be on the laptop and I’d just have to wait for the internet to be running again to finish. I was just about to find something else to do and then I found it! Still don’t know what’s up with the wifi though, I prefer to use that over my phone data. Oh well. Before I go, what insult came to your mind? Lol.


16 thoughts on “Fun Friday #2 Featuring Some of Your Blogs!☺️

  1. This was fun! I found all the names and terms. I haven’t done this in a while and I look forward to more of these fun posts. Oh, and thank you for including my blog. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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