What have I been doing? +Updates

Hello lovely readers! It feels like it’s been SO long since I’ve made a post or read any but I’ve got time today and I’m very excited😊 I can’t wait to start my binge reading right after this.

So, what have I been up to?

I’ve mainly been focused on ways of earning and saving money towards the new apartment, and other bills of course. This consists of working, cutting down on certain splurges and entertainment, and even pawning things for a little extra cash. I wish money did grow on trees.

My boyfriend and I have also been doing a lot of shopping, looking around to get some ideas of how we’d like to decorate and just seeing what different furniture/home decor stores have to offer. I actually plan to DIY a few decor items and have a short blog series on everything I make for each room- we’ll see how that goes lol. Stay tuned👀

While at hobby lobby I found a few lamps that I absolutely LOVE! I know I’m going to have a hard time choosing between them but either one will look very nice in the living room or bedroom. I’ll include pictures and prices below:

(My picture) I really love this Antique gold geometric lamp. Most of the lamps were $60+ but now are on sale! I’m glad we didn’t actually buy any yet😃

My pictures don’t really show these beautiful lamps any justice lol. All of them look as good as they do on the website photos. This one is a pineapple shaped lamp 🍍 how cool is that?! Who doesn’t love pineapples???

I must say that these last two lamps are my favorites. This one I love that the base is round, with that nice texture and that gold of course!

I actually couldn’t find this one on the website so I don’t know the exact price but look how beautiful they look! White roses?! Very elegant. I don’t see how you could go wrong here unless you get EVERYTHING white dirty. I think this would even be a nice wedding gift lol maybe. It reminds me of a wedding. What do you all think?

I also went to Michaels which is another hobby/craft store like Hobby Lobby. There I only picked up two items, which really could count as one but I can’t wait to use them!

When you get a new apartment or house, you have to get a key right? So why not have a nice keychain to put it on?

(Both keychains together⬆️)

This is something else the camera doesn’t do any justice for. The gold, and the rhinestones are so beautiful in person especially in sunlight I’m sure you could imagine. It doesn’t look cheap despite them both being nomore than $6. And look at the glasses on the little fur ball- OMG! 😍🤓

It’s going to be so fun adding my 🔑  and using it for the first time. Can April come any faster?


-My birthday has passed but I will be celebrating this weekend 🎉 

-New post on Thursday!

-Stay tuned for a few series that will be starting (April,May)

Thank you ALL for reading and sticking around. Let me know in the comments which lamp is your favorite, and if you did anything exciting this past weekend.

Until next time, love Lee.❤️


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