Fun Friday #2 Featuring Some of Your Blogs!☺️

Happy Friday! I hope everyone has a great day and an even better weekend. I almost wasn’t able to publish this, or at least not as soon as I would have liked. I’ll explain, but first-

Today’s Fun Friday Post is these word search puzzles I’ve created online for you all to do. The first one is WordPress Blog Names where I included a few blog site names that I follow. If your name is not in this round don’t worry because it may be in the very next:) Also, not every word/name was included that I entered, I assume this is some sort of bug on the website and another that I tried- I tried a few to find the best one for you all to play!

Word Search #1 (WordPress Blog Names)

wordsearchnamesYou can do the search this way looking at the picture or saving it to your device, or by clicking this link. As I said before, I believe there is a glitch or bug with the actual website so all of the words may not be listed. Let me know if all of the words in the image above are also in the link if you try.

Word Search #2 (WordPress Terms)

BlogThemesHere is the link for this search: Blog Terms

I hope you all enjoy this week’s Fun Friday post and participate in the word search! Let me know if you found them all, was it a bit hard or easy and quick to find? Is your blog one that was featured in #1?

Is this something you would be interested in seeing on my blog again? Comment below.💖

Want to create your own Word Search? Check out these links:
*While I was making this post on my laptop, the wifi decided to be a (insert insult here) and disconnect😒 so I had to switch over to mobile, thank you automatic saving! I couldn’t find the draft at first and almost freaked out, I definitely didn’t want to have to create everything all over again. I felt the frustration coming on strong but decided I could wait a few more minutes and that if I couldn’t find the draft, at least it would still be on the laptop and I’d just have to wait for the internet to be running again to finish. I was just about to find something else to do and then I found it! Still don’t know what’s up with the wifi though, I prefer to use that over my phone data. Oh well. Before I go, what insult came to your mind? Lol.


First “Fun Friday” Post🤗

I wanted to start a “Fun Friday” series on my blog but couldn’t decide what to start with. I was reading through my first few posts about naming things, and having baby fever which gave me an idea for my first Fun Friday post!

Names I love, but wouldn’t choose for a baby👶🏽🤔

This has also been a trend on YouTube. You can search “baby names I love but won’t be using” or “10 names I love but won’t be using” a ton will come up! I’m into names that are cute and unique, not too common but also not too different. I also have a thing for “A” names.

Here is my list- I’ll start with girl names💖

  • Ava- I really love this name because it’s short and sweet. It has a really nice sound when you say it but it’s so popular! That is why I wouldn’t choose this name. Maybe a variation could be Eva or Avalyn?
  • Aria- Another short, sweet sounding name. I first found a love for this name when Pretty Little Liars TV series came out. This name has also become popular, but not as much as Ava.
  • Arabella- Beautiful baby girl name! Sounds like she’d be a princess. I wouldn’t use this name because “Bella” is again, too common and also because there is already a baby girl close in the family with that name.
  • Alana- This is just a name I’ve always liked since I was a kid. I couldn’t see one of my daughters with the name though.
  • Maraiah/Mireya- Another name I’ve liked since I was a kid but it’s too close to Mariah, which is still a pretty name but eh. Mireya also means Miracle.
  • Amira- I love this name but probably wouldn’t choose it. Not sure. It has a pretty sound and is a name for Princess.
  • Aniyah- This is one of the first names I said I would name my daughter if I have one. Now, probably not lol only because I like other names better.
  • Anastasia- Don’t we all love this name? Any of us that are into princesses. I wouldn’t choose this name because it’s just too long for me and also… it’s my ex’s ex girlfriends name. Which would be a little weird to me lol.
  • Ariella- I like this name instead of Ariel. But again it has that popular “Ella” end. I sound very picky😂
  • Halona- I like this name for the meaning, of happy fortune. It sounds okay too.
  • Hayden- I like this name but it’s too close to Jayden. I would possibly use it for a middle name.
  • Hope- Another name I like but would probably only use for a middle name.
  • Julia- Pretty sounding name but I couldn’t see myself using it.
  • Haleina- This name is a name I found from a YouTuber I watch.
  • Nova- I think it would make a nice name for a baby girl, it means new; young. But she won’t always be young. I also think of supernova but that has to do with stars lol.
  • Sofia- I love this name but I’d rather use it for a pet lol. Or a middle name.
  • Paisley and Haisley- I think this would be cute for twin girls.
  • Aerilyn- I have no clue where I got this name from lol it sounds peaceful, like fresh air or something, idk..
  • Traeh- Pronounced (Tré-ya) I’ve only seen this name used once and it’s another YouTubers name that I watch. It is heart spelled backwards. Remember when Nevaeh (heaven backwards) became a bit popular?

That’s all for the girls💖

Here is my list for boy names💙

  • Andre/Aundre- Since I love A names this would be a perfect name… if it wasn’t too common.
  • Rowan- I like it, not too common not too different. I just couldn’t see it for my son.
  • Landon- Becoming very popular.
  • Carter- Another popular one, but I would probably use this as a middle name.
  • Nathan- Simple but nice. Unfortunately a guy I was involved with has that name.
  • Elijah/Alijah- I like it with the A.
  • Isaiah- I like this more for a middle name.
  • Jayden- This name can be used for boy or girl but is way too common. I have a baby cousin (girl) with the name but spelled “Jaedyn” which is really cute.
  • August- If he is born in August maybe.
  • Caden- Kind of common.
  • Azavier- I saw someone mention this name instead of Xavier, I think it’s pretty cool but just not for me.
  • Marcellus- I like how this one sounds but I’m not a fan of M names for boys.
  • Andriel- Instead of Adrian or Andre, how about Andriel?
  • Aiden- We all know this is a common name lol
  • Alaric- I couldn’t see myself ever naming my son this but I really like it. I first heard it on The Vampire Diaries.
  • Aris- Love this name! A friend of mine chose this one already though.
  • Arlo- Cute sound, short, A. But I think I like it best for a pet.
  • Ezra- This is another name I got from Pretty Little Liars.
  • Idris- I couldn’t name my baby after a celebrity but If you don’t know who the famous Idris is (Idris Elba)… look him up 🍫
  • Reese/Reece- Really nice name just not my favorite

That’s all for both my lists💖💙

Some of the names will not be on the list because they are names I might choose if I do have children one day☺️

If you see your name or your child’s name like and comment below. Which names from my list are your favorites? If you enjoyed reading this, create your own list✨

Until next time, love Lee.

Dancing in the Rain💧(A poem by Lee)

One lonely night the sky starts to cry and the wind sings loudly

The grass and the trees dance swaying from side to side

Some leaves shimmy down

Onto the wet ground

As the skies tear drops play a tune in the night

Drip drop, drip drop

Until the night calms

Drop drop, drip drop

Until the cry stops.

✨Whenever there is rain or stormy weather in general in your life, take a moment to find joy in that moment- go ahead and “dance” or smile! Do whatever you need to do to feel better and get through it because that storm will pass, the sun will shine again, and the rain from the night before won’t even matter anymore.✨

Love Lee

The Versatile Blogger Award


Here is my 2nd award for the day, nominated by the lovely Cheila. She’s SO sweet, you can check her blog out at Pink For Days. Thank you so much!❤️

The Rules:

  • Display the award on your blog.
  • Thank the blogger that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Share 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and provide links to their blog.

Seven Facts about me:

  1. I love being a Pisces lol. Many people don’t care much about zodiacs but most things I read about it fits me well. The only part I don’t like so much is being so sensitive.
  2. My favorite subjects in school were English and Psychology.
  3. So far, my longest relationship lasted 4 1/2 years.
  4. I just turned 23 years old this month.
  5. My biggest celebrity crushes were Trey Songz, and Nick Jonas.
  6. When I own a house I’d like to have 4 guinea pigs, and a kitten and puppy that get along well:) That would be so adorable!
  7. I am not a fan of rice. I just don’t like it, never have. I’ll only eat it with Chinese food if I cant taste it lol.

My nominees:

  1. Feel My Hustle
  2. Chaosxdblog
  3. TwentySomethingtenactity
  4. Don’t Give A Jam
  5. Chloe Lu Ye
  6. Victoria Affleck
  7. PensivePalindrome
  8. WanderlustCalls
  9. Be-you-tiful
  10. AvaniTheNerd

Are my nominees ready to share their 7 facts? Looking forward to reading:)

Until next time, love Lee.