A Writer’s Worst Enemy

       Ugh! It’s Friday, I need to post something on my blog but what? I can’t think of a topic…Wait, maybe I can write about…Nah, I already did something like that. Hmmm… maybe- No, that’s not interesting enough nobody will want to read that, I don’t even know where to begin how would I start? WHAT IS GOING ON!? WHY CAN’T I WRITE? I’M SUPPOSED TO BE A WRITER! This is truly a writers worst enemy.

Suddenly, an idea  dawns on me and I know exactly what to do.

What is a writer’s worst enemy? In my opinion, and I’m sure many others would agree, is writer’s block. Yes, we’ve all been there. That moment where this intruder invades our creative minds and tries to take us out. Robbing and blocking our whole thought process and frustrating us so much that we may even question our talent and skills. We end up left with lack of inspiration, perfectionism issues, and doubt. So how do we protect our mind? How do we take out the enemy when he enters? I’ve got a few weapons and ammunition ready to share!


  • Music- Try listening to some of your favorite songs or get inspired by new music. Write about the lyrics. What do the lyrics mean to you? Can it be interpreted in different ways?
  • Read a book. Read another chapter of a book you’re already reading or start on a new one. You can get inspired by the characters or seeing how the author writes. You can even do a book review.
  • Read other blogs. If you’re not doing this already…You should probably start lol. Seriously.
  • Watch TV. This is one that a few people say avoid, but I think it can be a great help if you don’t get stuck there all day lol. Like a book review, you can also do a movie or show review. Make a list of your favorites. Netflix/Hulu shows to watch? Watch the news, write about something going on.
  • Browse the internet/Social Media. Again, don’t get stuck there all day but there are plenty of ideas you can get from looking online, or even reading statuses. This is something I like to do when I’m in the mood to write poetry or lyrics. Twitter is a great place to read tweets and get inspired just for that lol.
  • Writing prompts- You can find a ton of writing prompts online, ask your readers for some or even come up with your own.
  • Q&As- Ask your readers to leave you questions about yourself, or your blog and answer them.
  • Planning- If you’re already planning and you get writer’s block, try to stop planning for a while and just write when it comes to you naturally. Write when you’re ready to, not because you put yourself on a schedule and feel forced to. If you don’t plan, try it out. You can start by writing a list of things you’d like to write about in future posts.
  • Story Time- Tell a story about a time something interesting happened in your life.
  • Switch your writing environment- Write in a notebook instead of computer or phone. Write in a different room or location. Go to the park. Which brings me to the next…
  • Go out- When I say go out, I don’t mean saying “f*ck this!” and go out to the club lol. Take a drive, go to a few stores, a book store. If you’re into fashion, go window shopping or actually shop to get your inspiration. Write about something new you picked up or saw. If you’re into poetry and music, go to an open mic night.
  • Write about those unsure topics. You know what i’m talking about, the topics you kind of want to get into but not sure if it will do well, if it will be too sensitive of a topic or whatever the case may be.
  • Read inspiring quotes.
  • Talk to yourself. Okay, I know this one sounds crazy but you’d be surprised with what kind of stories or ideas you come up with just saying exactly what comes to your mind, and how you’re feeling.
  • Create fun challenges for yourself and your readers. (Create a post without the word “it.” Create a post using a chosen word of the day) These are just a couple of examples.
  • Try not to worry so much about grammar at first or having a beginning, middle, and end. If you need to, start writing the middle or ending if you already have an idea of how you want that to go, let the rest come naturally.
  • Some people say you don’t overcome writers block by reading articles on how to but I say reading such articles can help more than you think. You get to see all the different tips and try out some you haven’t already. You may even get instantly inspired by a few.
  • Just write- If you do this, I recommend having a separate notebook just for drafts and brainstorming. Especially if you’re quite the perfectionist, I notice that whenever I attempt to “just write” I get more frustrated if it’s not going in the direction I like, and sometimes feel as though I’ve wasted a page so another tip is to use a pencil lol!

Is the enemy still standing? Comment below if you try one of these methods, or have already been doing so. Share some of your own weapons and ammunition with the rest of us! What tips/advice do you have?

Until next time, love Lee.



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