Iridescent Dating👀🤔

Iridescent dating? What is that? Doesn’t iridescent mean luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles?

It sure does. Iridescent dating is my own play on words. It sounds a lot like interracial dating which is exactly what we’re going to be discussing. Interracial dating is when two people of a different ethnicity come together as a couple. Whether they are just seeing each other, with children, or actually get married, many people view interracial dating in different ways.

This is a poll I ran on twitter just last week. Out of 75 votes, 77% of people said that love is love. Meaning interracial dating is no different from any other type of dating. 7% said that it needs to stop, and the other 16% believes interracial dating is only the result of wanting mixed children. I do believe that SOME people do get with another person of a different race just to produce mixed children, because social media does have a way of making them out to be the “cutest babies” with the light skin, light eyes, and “good hair.” There are people who will say an African American who dates outside of their race is only trying to erase their “blackness.” Sadly, it is sometimes an identity insecurity but this isn’t true for ALL.

I’m actually in an interracial relationship at the moment (bwwm) and we’ve been together almost 2 years now. We’ve even dated in the past back in high school. Before we got back together I was actually with a black man and had that relationship not gone south I’d probably still be with him. Everything happens for a reason and you can’t help who you develop a strong connection with or who you fall in love with, it just happens. Running this poll I had no real expectations but I did predict that the first choice or last would be the majority vote. I was pleased that majority felt the same way, that love is love. We shouldn’t see color, what we should see or love about a person should always be what comes from the inside. Who that person is, who that person wants to be, how that person makes you feel is what should matter. After seeing the results I did wonder if there would be a different outcome if voters were 50 years old or older and honestly, I believe it would be. Slightly or dramatically? I can’t say.

Sometimes when my boyfriend and I go out in public I notice stares. Not many, but maybe 1 or 2 every now and then usually by an older white man, or younger black man. At first, I thought I was the only one to notice and I wouldn’t say anything because I didn’t want to sound crazy or seem like I was just looking for things to point out as a black women with a white man, but my boyfriend eventually noticed too- another older white man. Instead of keeping quiet about it, he made sure to say if he sees another person giving us a dirty look there’s going to be a problem. Of course I was glad to know he’d be willing to stand up for our relationship but I’d always try to avoid any confrontation. I secretly wonder what are going through these people’s minds when they see us together and give us dirty looks, I sometimes even wonder if the looks are only for me, is it my hair because I wear it in its natural state? Is it because my lips and nose are a little bigger, or that my skin is a little darker?

Things aren’t as bad as they were years ago, more people are coming together and seeing that we are all HUMAN regardless of what color you are or where you come from. It doesn’t matter if there are differences, the fact that we are all different in ways gives us a similarity. We have come a LONG way as a country and I feel proud to be a part of that but racism and discrimination is STILL alive today. I try my best to pay it no attention, I’ll continue to ignore the ignorance but it is an issue, it has always been an issue that needs to change.

I know that I’m beautiful, my relationship is beautiful an we’re happy in our iridescent relationship. That’s what matters.

What are your thoughts on interracial dating? Have you ever dated outside of your race? What was that experience like?

Until next time, love Lee.


23 thoughts on “Iridescent Dating👀🤔

  1. I always wanted mixed babies as a kid! Lol. I have one now and she looks nothing like i thought. She looks more white than black and has blue eyes.
    I hateee when people say they hope she keeps her blue eyes. I get it but still. Shell always be my baby no matter what. I hate that people with dark skin are shamed so much

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  2. I believe love is love.You can’t help who you love and I don’t believe in today’s day and age that people are doing it for their children to have good hair. We don’t even know if they want children or can even have children.

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    1. Agreed! We don’t know and neither do they. Although you do have those that will actually say “I want mixed babies!” “Mixed babies are so cute!” When it should just be “I want to have a child” and all babies are cute/beautiful, not mainly the mixed ones. Because you don’t normally see people saying “White/black babies are so cute!” Etc

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  3. I am very open for an interracial dating. But the most i have encountered were men who wants only your flesh. I don’t stereotyped though because some filipinas date them due to financial benefit as well. But your poll showed an excellent result.

    Hoping to date some iridescent guy someday.

    Lots of love. Your blog is amazing for a newbie. Your post are grounded on facts and very relevant.

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  4. I’m in an interracial relationship…I’m white and my boyfriend is black. I believe love is love. I’ve actually dated many different races and none of my relationships were because I wanted mixed babies or because the person was a certain race, I just liked the person as a person, and that’s how it should be. I feel like our generation is a lot more excepting of interracial relationships and it’s gradually becoming a norm, but like you said, there are a lot of older people that still have a problem with it. Luckily my and my boyfriend’s families don’t care, but in public, just like you and your boyfriend, we get some stares. I’m to the point where I don’t even care.. I might give my man an extra lustrous kiss on the lips while they stare just to piss the racists off lol.

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  5. I’m white and when I was 8 my mom married a black man, and he’s just my dad. He’s been my dad for almost as long as I can remember. They gave me a biracial sister, who married a black man and has a son. I married a white man, and have a daughter. We’re a blended family, and that’s been my reality my whole life. I honestly can’t even fathom why anyone would have a problem with that. I know that they do. When my sister was little, my mom was carrying her through a grocery store. They were obviously a mom and a child, and someone threw a fake punch at her face. In public. With her daughter on her hip.

    I can’t understand why anyone would argue to police who someone else falls in love with, whether it’s of a different race or the same gender. Love should always be celebrated.

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    1. You have a lovely family💖 that’s terrible that someone would actually do something like that smh especially when a child is involved too. We can only hope and pray for these types of people and situations to get better because we can’t change them. They have to change themselves and it’s sad that people TEACH their kids hate bc you’re not born to hate in that way.


    1. Wow thank you so much for those kind words! And I love that you even have a favorite post of mine💕💕✨ much love. Great reading your facts you did a wonderful job with this award post. Such kind words to everyone and you can really tell you enjoy what you do.🌟


  6. My brother is in an interracial marriage, and really in the past two years they had never received any sort of problems in public, until just last week…when some lady commented “disgusting” in a grocery store.

    It’s so strange for me to wrap my mind around the intolerance. I just don’t understand what the issue is.

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    1. Smhh that’s terrible. What is disgusting about?? We wonder. Thats what’s hard to understand, some even go as far to say the biracial children are disgusting or an abomination. Words are just words but people are getting very bold so who knows what will be next.

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